Will you press it?

how the hell am i going to fight with my profile can someone please create a story about it?

I could win against isaac in a fight but because that’s kinda fucked up I think I’d rather not and instead help him get into a safer household and some clothing

rodrigo punches a painting on the wall that depicts someone punching someone else.

yay 10000000000000 dollars

All I gotta do is beat up my 8 year old self, free billion dollars

Great history , I" crying" now

Great history , I" crying" now

(oops necrobump)

@DubiousLittleTyp0 the man of necrobump magic“ - Cookie God

What about now

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I main skateboard rocketeer is doomed


It doesn’t say I have to win the fight to get the money.

you could probably beat up a fat penguin tho

but that fat penguin uses a hammer
have you also seen how beefed up he gets?

Considering it’s Doggo Guts, probably death

dodge and take the hammer, flippers don’t have grip strength

tho if it is buffed up dedede you are probably screwed

even if i manage to take the hammer, dedede’s probably going to just inhale and launch me to god-knows where.
Or worse - go on all fours. (Unsure if he can do that though, considering that he was possessed when he did that.)

also, he does have grip strength, since he can swing around with a fricking rocket-powered hammer and still have it in his hands.

why is this thread still alive

It got necrobumped, I replied before I realized that. Now I’m having a conversation with another good fellow on why a fat penguin can/cannot beat me in a fight.

rip his tongue out

My profile picture is an OC I created for a world building project I made

Rudolf is a great sharpshooter and will kill me easily
and Ratia was born with natural wind magic and is proficient at utilizing it…

so big NO