Will you press it?

Terrible idea, Club penguin penguins can cannoically manifest their clothing out of nowhere rather than changing them, also remember the club penguin penguin COULD technically about 6 bags of java beans indefinently without collapsing as long as they do not get another, not only that but they are shown to have human-like intelligence. If you are fighting a penguin with a pizza outfit, the can continuously manifest pizza so they could theoretically barrage you with that, overall I’m pretty sure any penguin from club penguin can deck most, if not all forumers




so he gives me free food? i dont even need to fight we can solve world hunger together

because fuck you, that’s why

I can fight a literal piece of plastic shaped in my pfp star, or a literal god(dess).


With the 1 billion dollars, I will buy a sunken sword to continually spam rising tide on his goofy fire ah

My pfp is like some depressed kid or smth so all I gotta do is make him sad and I’ll win by default

Assuming you aren’t crushed by the gravity of jupiter already you will definitely be killed by the big fucking storms

i could easily beat a minecraft fox

If you don’t get a rabies vaccine before or after it might win the long game

virus isn’t a mob in minecraft, they won’t have it

It’s also still an animal, no way of saying that it won’t get rabies

if it’s a button that magically grants $1 billion it probably just summons the creature from the aether or something, it wouldn’t have enough time to get it


my pfp is literally a 15 year old tiny ass kid

i could run his shit

late by a year but you wouldn’t instantly die from getting hit by a fireball…

Time for a science Lesson: The Deadliest Virus on Earth - YouTube
just get the vaccine after the fight.

Ah yes the necro bump topic