Wish To Speak With SunCry

pretty sure everyone that has the badge is and was in the ingame guild at one point…

Nah jason just handed it out to whoever asked

sad because u haven’t joined the ingame guild within 3 years, u also didn’t get a promo

Hey broly it’s me your chemistry teacher we gotta cook broly

hello, unfortunately i’ve already claimed this title, you can take 2nd least memorable

Not satire

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Dude I could have done the request again, I just decided not to because I had stuff to do + AO + Jason drama

that’s cap

even i had the badge when i joined suncry ingame for like a month lmao

Ghost you dont even understand the Jason drama, I feel like its better for you to not touch on that topic and its true, I was busy with lots of school stuff and AO was announced so… yeah

lol what?

As in Jason Drama or school stuff?

I don’t know why you still think that even though I told what happened alot of times, you’re just delusional