Wizard's Extinction Ch. 23 "Death Battle"

All of the wizards warped outside of the wizard temple started panicking.

“Sweet jesus, if he teleports me again-”
Denzel began fuming.

They all stared as Pirit, the Alien god approached them.

Charles yelled.

Charles hurled iron bars at Pirit, all of which would be blocked as Pirit threw him into the ground, breaking his ribs.

James leaped towards Pirit, stopping him from murdering Charles, but would be lifted into the air and stabbed by a staff.

James coughed blood before falling onto the floor.

Both Leon and Sarah began shooting projectiles at Pirit, however, he’d summon a barrier much like a bubble that reflected their shots back at them, knocking Sarah out and pinning Leon down.

“We’re all gonna die…”
Derrick sighed as he stood with Ryan, Mike and Denzel.


Zackary laid down in the Marauder’s base as the ceiling was being consumed by a blackhole.

Fang teleported back into room.

“Where is that man?”
Fang looked around to see Zackary trapped under ruble.

Fang noticed him.

Fang removed the ruble and pulled Zackary off the floor.

“Jesus, your face has seen better days.”
Fang looked at his burnt face.

“It’s nothing-”
Zackary faintly spoke.

The ceiling began dropping more ruble onto the room.

“Alright, prepare yourself.”
Fang began summing a portal.

“Let’s go.”
Fang said as they both warped back to the Wizards.


Denzel tried teleporting onto Pirit from above but would be stunned in mid-air.

Denzel’s eyes widened.

“You’re certainly not normal…”
Pirit whispered.

“Looks who’s talking!”
Leon laughed on the floor.

Pirit slammed Leon’s head, knocking him out as he threw Denzel away.

Denzel would land as he’d be surrounded by aliens.

“Denzel, no hard feeling about Richard right?”
Rutiple smiled.

“Worst of feeling!”
Denzel screamed as he blinded all the aliens.

“Die, Die, Die, Die!”
Denzel dashed around the field slicing each of them into pieces.

Before Denzel would murder Rutiple, his vision returned to normal and stunned Denzel.

“I loved when i shot out his vocal cords, shame you and Zackary ran away before seeing it!”
Rutiple summoned chains out of hands that trapped him.

“Lightning Gimmick!”
Rutiple conducted electricity through them as it shocked Denzel.

Rutiple then used the chains to throw him through two pillars.

Denzel screamed as blood and flesh flew off his body.

Denzel laid motionless on the floor, being electrocuted to death.


Denzel remembered a time before he joined the Wizard Academy, his last moments with his mother.

“You will grow up and stop the world from hunting wizards…and defeat the Marauders and establish peace…i believe in you”
She spoke as she touched his face.


Denzel’s eyes opened as his wounds healed from the Ripper virus, he got off the floor, pulling Rutiple towards him with his chains.

“They are a part of you?”
Denzel smiled.

Denzel wrapped the chains around his wrists and pulled the chains with so much force, Ruptile’s arms flew off.

Rutiple screamed as blood spewed from his wounds.

Denzel grabbed out a knife and flung it into Rutiple’s throat, silencing his screams.

“I never saw Richard die, but i sure as hell got a good performance by you…”
Denzel tore the knife out of Rutiple’s throat.

Rutiple’s head dropped down onto the floor, dead.


Both Zackary and Fang arrived as the Last Alien Commander, Eturik stood infront of them.

“You two!”
Eturik yelled.

“You killed my pet!”
Eturik held out a cannon and shock explosions at them.

Fang stopped them in mid-air before throwing them back at Eturik.

Eturik screamed.

Before the Alien got up Fang touched him on the head, knocking him out.

“We must find the others!”
Fang spoke before the both started searching for them.


Charles got off the floor as blood dripped down his face and off his chin.

“Iron Pillar!”
Charles summoned a metal pole.

Charles’s voice beamed at Pirit who had been choking Derrick.

Pirit dropped Derrick before glaring at him with yellow light.

“Magma Magic!”
Pirit shot rounds of lava at him.

Charles dodged all three rounds of lava before charging into him and throwing him backwards.

Charles then threw the pole at Pirit that stabbed him in the shoulder.

Pirit angrily roared as blue blood sprayed out.

Pirit flew towards Charles and pierced him with his staff.

Charles gasped as his breathe escaped his chest.

Pirit pulled the staff out before throwing him onto the floor.

“I admire your durability, but, it’s only delaying the inevitable!”
Pirit held his weapon over Charles head.

“Shadow Blast!”
Fang arrived as he blasted a hole into Pirit.

“This isn’t your world!”
Fang screamed before jamming his fist into his stomach and pulling out bloody entrails.

“Wind Blast!”
Pirit pushed Fang backwards.

“Zackary now!”
Fang throw a shadow axe at Zackary.

Pirit noticed Zackary and before he would kill him, Denzel stabbed a knife into his chest.

Pirit yelled as he punched Denzel into a boulder

Zackary caught the axe mid-air and chopped it down into the alien’s head.

“Lier Xenos!”
(You Humans!)
Pirit yelled at them in another language.

Fang teleported up to Pirit and tore the axe off the alien’s skull as blue blood sprayed into the air and the Alien lord Pirit, had died.

Mike cheered.

However, the blackhole begun edging closer.

“I guess i helped you enough, my work here is done.”
Zackary looked at the blackhole before looking at his students.

“…Healing Magic…”
James sighed before healing Zackary to full-health.

Zackary flew towards space and began blasting two beams of moonlight at the blackhole.

Zackary yelled while he used every bit of energy to destroy it, however, it wasn’t enough.

“Need help with that?”
Fang arrived.

“Fang, you’ll die!”
Zackary yelled.

“My conscious will die, i will be reborn elsewhere…maybe i will get a wife.”
Fang smiled as he began blasting the blackhole.

Both Fang and Zackary continued to destroy the blackhole, however, it needed one more person to be fully destroyed.

Jack appeared next to Fang.

“Oh shit!”
Fang looked next to him.

“Don’t worry…”
Jack held his arms towards the blackhole.

All three began blasting every bit of energy they had left after hundreds of years of power.

The blackhole exploded as it consumed both Zackary and Jack.

Fang smiled and closed his eyes, he too, being destroyed.

All the wizard’s looked up to see the blackhole being destroyed.

“They did it…”
Charles eye’s widened.

All of the wizard’s from the bunker came out to see the blackhole gone.

“Only at the lives of the best…”
James sighed.

All of the wizard’s kneeled down as they looked into the sky, respecting the three of them.

-To Be Continued-


RIP Zackary and Jack, i will be releasing a little small chapter after this.

Stay tuned!

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