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This anchor of Odyssey Feed was published on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. (US).

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Rogue’s Gallery
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Trello News!

Welcome to another anchor of the Odyssey Feed! It’s definitely been a while since the last anchor. Through procrastination and High School, i’m gonna have a lot of writing to do, and you’re gonna have a lot of reading. I’ll go quick. I’ll have more detail once I mostlyy catch up with what’s going on! :nod:

In case you don’t know, Vetex isn’t done yet with weapon skills, but slowly, he’s getting done. Let’s go! :poggers2:

Last time we left off with the addition of sword spin. Soon enough, it was finished, and then we’re getting into new stuff. Twin Crescents, the first skill for dual swords. It consists of two attacks, as suggested by bug fixes in the trello.

But the Twin Crescents aren’t the only new things in version 1.6.67. Behold!

Screenshot 2021-09-15 10.23.22 AM

First of all, bullet hit effects. More realism, good by me. Then hit effects for all the weapons. More the merrier! Afterwards, we encounter our next weapon skill, Axe Throw :mariomug:! Presumably similar to Minotaur’s axe throw. It’s gonna be fun!

You’ll also see weapon skills are chargable, if you didn’t pick that up from the Primal Swipe leak. Not only do they get stronger, they get bigger when charged. Hype!

Along with some weapon adjustments, the tab button can be used to open and close the inventory… So helpful! Finally. I was so tired of having to press the inventory button! Arcane Odyssey just went from 10/10 to 11/10…

And now, something for our favorite valuable blue sword. A Minecraft diamond sword, you say? No, silly. A sunken sword! It’s slashes and skills all apply the soaking effect. Could it work with ice magic? Maybe :wink:.

And then we have quite a special skill. Piercing combo, for the rapier type weapons. It actually involves a grab, the first weapon skill to do so. We haven’t seen grabs yet in the game, so it’s quite neat :cold_face::ok_hand:!

Of course, there has to be some balancing. When a grab attack ends, the victim gets grab immunity for 10 seconds. Grab immunity is a new effect. It turns your health bar gray, and, well, makes you immune to grabs for it’s duration. The person who did the grab attack will also get a short grab immunity, to prevent grabs being traded infinitely :nod:.

Not only this, but we have our first leak.


Here we can see a bandit being skewered by a tester using the new weapon skill. Presumably, the attacker rushes forwards, grabs whatever’s in their path, and drives the blade through them, dealing lots of damage.

If you look closely, you can also see the attacker wearing the Vermillion Bracelet, a drop from Iris the Anomaly.

This skill didn’t go un-memed, however, once people realized it’s similarity to Sephiroth impaling mario :sleeper:.


Credits: @Fluect and @Wapingkoo

But the leaks don’t end there… Far from it, really. Now, Vetex teased a wilderness island on his twitter account. Here you go!

If every wilderness island has this much effort put into it, exploring is gonna be a treat :flushed:.

Here’s what The_Legend_7.0 had to say about it…

I couldn’t agree more :sunglasses:.

And Vetex is on a roll! Immediately, we obtain a new leak from Vetex’s Twitter and Discord banner… Take a look!


This is actually Akursius Keep. At day, it seems to look a lot less terrifying… Which is good! It actually looks quite pretty at day. Makes you wonder what Akursius Keep was like before it got ruined. And what happened to it anyways? All questions that will someday be revealed :thinking:!

Now what? Well, another weapon skill was revealed! This being the first skill for the Katana! Sword Draw: Flash Strike! And you know what they say: Another weapon skill, another leak! Well, does anybody actually say that? Well, probably not. But I just did, so I guess, well, they have :fr:.

However, I was having some technical difficulties…

Screenshot 2021-09-15 12.08.59 PM

I couldn’t upload the clip. It says it’s too big, even though the clip is 3 seconds long! So, i’ll send you a link to someone who did manage to upload it:

Analyzing the latest AO leak

It’s super cool looking. In typical fashion for an attack like this, we draw our sword, teleport forward, and in between, a menacing visible slash mark. Definitely resembles a katana :nod:.

Look closely, and you might see some other things as well. Frostmill terrain, an NPC, and a quest. Also, those weapon icons lookin’ mighty fine.

Next up, we have a few forum topics you should see.

First of all, one made by Vetex himself, dealing with a bit of drama that went down months and months ago. Remember, a few anchors back, people arguing about the new weapon death effects, people saying it was too graphic and harmful to the game, and Vetex removing them? Now we can see what it actually was. Gore warning.

Some pics of the now removed "weapon death effects"

Wow. The topic gained a large amount of traction very quickly, with many people commenting on similarities with a certain other Roblox game, along with a lot of “wow”s. Some people thought it looked very neat, however. Vetex stated it may come back in the future as an option that would be off by default. I would actually love that :mariomug:.

Here’s a small leak showing Redwake on a foggy night.


This was given to us on the forums by a tester by the name of @Kurumai. It’s very pretty :star_struck:!

To the computer Weapon Skills!

Behold Tempest, the first skill for Greatswords! Here’s a few changes that came along with it…

Screenshot 2021-09-15 12.56.08 PM

Though impaling a “Boss Kebab” with a rapier would be fun, it’s understandable why these changes were introduced. It also looks like weapon skills clash with magic, which makes weapons even more viable :poggers2:!

Then we have devastate, which is the first weapon skill for Greatclubs and Greataxes.

Here’s a few other things:

Screenshot 2021-09-15 1.05.15 PM

First of all, some parts of the temperature feature were removed. Originally, being too hot would make your stamina go down faster, and colder would make you move slower. However, this feature has been removed. Now, the big effect should only be with cold and hot magics. This was because, as you can see, it was interrupting PvP :frcryin:.

Also, weapon skill stamina cost was halved once more!

Then, behold Raging Impact, the first skill for clubs! It can block projectiles, as seen in the trello.

Vetex also finished adding an island we’ve never heard of before, called “Palo Town”. It will be added in a later version alongside two other mysterious islands, named “Sandfall Island” and “The Stepstones”.

We’re on the home stretch :muscle:!

Here’s a few new skills!

Screenshot 2021-09-15 1.43.46 PM

Spear throw for spears, and unnamed skills for the Rusty Morning Star and Old Hammer! Vetex is definitely putting a lot of work into this. We’re getting closer and closer to weapon skill completion every day!

Soon after came Knocking Blitz, the first skill for staffs. All we know is that it has several hits, both from the trello and the name.

Here’s some changes with blocking and parrying:

Then, it’s Captain America time :us: ! We have the first skill for shields. Forgot that was a weapon type and that it would have skills? So did I! It’s called shield throw.

Soon after this, we have Rain of Arrows. I wonder what weapon this could possibly be for? Definitely not bows! This sounds quite neat. I wonder what other moves the bow will get? You can also use special arrows with this, like smoke arrows.

And this couldn’t be complete without bow’s more American variation, guns. The pistol, to be more specific. Cheap Shot is it’s name. We don’t really know too much about it, at the moment!

Getting close now. Here’s a couple of… absurd leaks.

Arcane Odyssey speedrun? This is actually official though, just very silly. Taking away the supersonic speed, we have some cutscene previews. Did you see the animation of the protagonist getting up? If every cutscene is like this with the nice camera, it’s gonna be fabulous.

It has something to do with the Arcane Odyssey Trello. Ever decided on your future stat build and thought “Can I get 3 magics”? “What will my build give me?” We finally have answers to that… and more. A ton more cards on major ideas have been added. Good for us! Bad for AO’s release date. 100% Epic :sunglasses:.

Weapon Casting
How interesting. A gamepass that makes it so when you cast a spell, you do it visually through your weapon. Definitely helpful for OCs. Only cosmetic of course.

Hunger & Saturation
Was planned for World of Magic, and stayed in the trello. Goes down independently over time, but random fruits you find should be enough to sustain yourself, according to Vetex.

Bounty Hunting
It’s been lightly touched upon in the past, but we get to see it in the detail it deserves. Works similarly to AA, where you can go to a bounty board and try to get a player’s bounty (Or at least a large percent of it). Currently, bounties are only used for the amount that the MC wants to screw you over.

Another cool and immersive feature! Use certain fruits and things to make dishes that give amazing buffs and restore a lot of hunger :frhungry:.

Treasure Charts
Charts that lead to large concentrations of chests in preset locations.

Enemy Structures
Similarly to World of Magic, randomly spawning structures that could contain unique enemies, with their own fighting styles, weapons, and more. Contains chests!

*Enchantment Scrolls
Hate enchanting? Do you only get bursting on your armor? Now you don’t need to regret your life! These are rare scrolls with preset enchantments on them. You can apply it to an item at any time to give it the enchant! Quite helpful if you want to get a certain enchant on a good and rare set of gear or a rare weapon :nod:.

Finally, we can tell what will happen with the build we’re going with. There’s a lot, here, and you’re going to want to read all of it. Trust me. Now is a much easier time to figure out what build you want to go to. Essentially, at certain levels, you get things depending on the build you have :ok_hand:.

*Lost Spell Scrolls
We already know much about this one. A scroll that lets you get a unique spell that isn’t unlockable any other way for one of your magics. Many different types. The different types of lost spells will require different levels.

Lost and Ancient Magic Scrolls
I doubt this confirms that lost and ancient magic scrolls are coming to Arcane Odyssey, but if they do, it’s gonna be wild. Similar to lost spell scrolls, but you get a new magic from them. Mages can get two lost magics or 1 of each at most, hybrid builds containing magic can get 1 lost magic or 1 ancient magic.

Power Slider
A slider that lets you manipulate the percent of your damage output. It lets you use only a certain percent of your power. Theos approves :fire:!

Not many people knew this was planned for WoM. But meteors can randomly fall from the sky, make craters, and even have unique loot, including armor sets and gems.

Daily Challenges
I wasn’t expecting this, though it was probably planned earlier. Instead of a daily item wheel like Arcane Adventures, we can do 3 tiers of challenges each day, which would give rewards.

That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed this anchor of the Odyssey Feed!


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“Stat Build Stereotypes”
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No explanation, only laughs :flushed:.

Stat Build Stereotypes


Art of the Anchor!


“Prometheus, The Gift Giver”
By @tong

Introducing some fire art :hot_face:, we have tong’s rendition of Prometheus. With looks and drip fitting for a god, he… Well, I ran out of ideas for funny things to say. But this is definitely a banger as art goes. Check it out! And great job, tong!

Prometheus, The Gift Giver [+Clean version]


Writing of the Anchor!

“Wizard’s Extinction Ch. 23. “Death Battle””
By @PercevalSalore

In a finale that breaks the laws of gravity, physics, and everything in general at the same time, our protagonists finally face their final battle. But will it be final in a good or bad way? You’ll have to read in see. Everything has been building up to this, and Perceval will be working on a whole new series.

Wizard's Extinction Ch. 23 "Death Battle"


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The answer was… ”Cloud 9”!

This Issue’s Riddle is…


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