Wizard's Extinction Ch. 28 "Darkhole-Virus"

The zombified wizard stared at the wizards from the rooftops.

“What the heck?”
Sarah shot a round of bullets at the zombie.

The zombie jumped down from the roof and attacked the wizards below, the zombie tried biting onto Sarah, but would be pulled off by Denzel.

“Cameron, please!”
Denzel tried negotiating with his former-friend.

The zombie dashed towards Denzel, picked him off the floor before throwing him through a building window.

“Explosive Barrage!”
Leon began firing at the zombie.

Leon would miss every shot as the zombie’s speed outmatched him and bit Leon’s arm.

“Always wear long sleeves…”
Leon laughed as the zombie didn’t puncture his skin.

The zombie snapped Leon’s arm before slamming him into a car door.

“Earth Wall!”
Mike created a wall almost as tall as a skyscraper.

“Earth Blast!”
Mike then broke down the wall, allowing the rocks to fall down and crush the zombie.

To their surprise, the zombie eventually lifted all the rocks off himself before throwing them back at Mike.

“Ah, Uhm!”
Mike would be stabbed and bruised by multiple rocks.

Sarah yelled.

Mike looked at Sarah with a surprised look before falling down to the floor in a puddle of blood, the rocks driving deeper into his wounds.

Sarah began firing bullets at the zombie, but to no effect, as it’d dodge all the bullets before pushing her to the floor.

The zombie growled.

“Iron Control!”
Just before Sarah would be infected, a piece of metal scrap controlled by Charles flew into the back of the zombie’s head, stunning him for a while.

Sarah grabbed an m9 and shot the zombie in the head, throwing it’s corpse off of her.

“Heal Mike, quick!”
Sarah yelled at the wizards would just arrived.

James ran over to Mike, however…it was too late.

“What are you- waiting for?”
Leon got up from the floor.

James closed Mike’s eyelids before standing back up.

“Help him, dammit!”
Leon yelled as he swayed towards him.

“He’s gone!”
James yelled.

Silence fell upon the whole group, as tears streamed down most faces.

“Hey, adult elementals-”
Bennet and the other two citizens peaked out of the ruble.

“Who are they?”
Charles looked at the oddly-dressed people.

“We’re just people from a criminally-insane Asylum.”
Bennet continued.

“…Alright, then.”
James quickly turned his attention to the people.

“We should get going back to base, we’ve lost enough people today.”
James and the others started walking away.

“But, the citizens-”
Ryan tried speaking.

“They can come.”
James replied.


Alastair waited near the entrance of the door, rain peeping through the large entrance and onto Alastair’s blonde-hair.

“Why hasn’t the beast returned with the wizard’s heads?”
Alastair spoke while staring into the distance.

“They had lifted the curse, if we can retrieve her back, he can bring it upon her again-”
The scientist would be interrupted.

“We must separate them…blow up Bell Village.”
Alastair commanded.

“But Sir, we might lose all traces of the Darkhole-Virus, including the Wendigo!”
The scientist tried speaking.

“The both are no-where near perfect for our plans of conquest, eradicate the city.”
Alastair replied.


The wizards peacefully walked amongst the streets wiping out each zombie they saw, while bringing more civilians with them.

One of the building far from sight started tumbling down.

“What the heck was that?”
Steve questioned.

A building right next to them blown up as well.

James and Charles yelled.

All of the wizards and civilians started to sprint away from the explosions that followed them, as the roads themselves fell down into the subway, many citizens fell down.

“Shadow Recall!”
Denzel started summoning a portal.

Leon fell down the into a subway and through a ceiling of a train.

“Leon, Nooo!”
Sarah yelled as the others would be teleported away.

All of wizards teleported to another city called “Retrohaven”

“Where is Leon?”
James finished scanning all the wizards.

Denzel couldn’t figure an appropriate answer.

Kent fumed as he sat down on a walkway.

“We can try communicating on the talkie, hopefully his isn’t damaged.”
James spoke.

-10 minutes later-

Leon woke up inside a out-of-service subway train and got up from the floor.

“Urgh, where am i?”
Leon groaned as he got off the floor.

A talkie could be heard on the other room blocked by a sealed door.

“Explosive Blast!”
Leon broke down the door and saw a walkie talkie…in front of a zombified body Mike eating a citizen.

The train started to power back on.

Leon fell backwards from the sudden motion.

The zombified Mike attacked him while on the floor.

Leon and Mike struggled for a little while, as Leon finally managed to stab a pole into his chest and kicked him backwards.

“I hate seeing you like this…”
Leon spoke to what remnants remained of his friend.

Two other zombies fell down from the roof and attacked Leon.

“Explosive Blast!”
Leon blasted one of them into pieces, it’s dark-crimson blood staining onto the seats.

Leon quickly grabbed Sarah’s shotgun and used it to break the other zombies neck.

The room of the train was completely dark, only flashed by the barely working lights.

Leon and Mike began running at each other, Mike jumping forward trying to bite Leon, Leon dodged the attack punching him in the face, quickly grabbing scrap metal off the floor and used to block three of Mike’s attacks.

“Explosive Barrage!”
Leon sent out five blasts at Mike almost pushing him off the train.

Mike conjured a rock and threw it.

Leon quickly ducked, grabbed the shotgun and shot Mike.

The zombified Mike fell out of the train, as Leon rested on one of the seats, sweating heavily.

The train eventually came to a stop in another town called Retrohaven as many passengers entered the train, only to run out seeing blood smeared everywhere.

Leon stumbled out of the train and onto the platform station, eventually falling down unconscious.

Doctors arrived and took him away as the station-employee shut down the train.


“The city has been destroyed.”
The scientist replied in front of Alastair in his office.

Alastair’s smoothing British accent relived the Scientist.

The scientist quickly left, as Alastair grabbed a box from a drawer.

Inside the box had a letter.

“Energy extraction had been performed on a wizard named Sven, we await further plans by the overseer.”
The note said.

-To Be Continued-

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Seems like Sven is going to return after 2 whole seasons!

Thanks for Reading!
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