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This anchor of Odyssey Feed was published on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. (US).

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Development News!

Welcome to another anchor of the Odyssey Feed! This anchor will be just as eventful as the last. This week… sharks :shark:!

Sit back, grab your Swedish Fish, play the Jaws Theme in the background, and enjoy :poggers2:!

The first changes we have are these:

As you can see on top, the shark AI has been mostly finished. And of course, sharks now deal damage to players, and do what makes them so feared in the Arcane Universe :mariomug:. We also see a bit about sea monsters, sharing a death message with sharks when they kill a player!

Later on, swimming and biting animations were also added to sharks :hungry:.

You can also see that the model for sharks was rigged (No clue what that means :fr:) by @NaCl! Thanks for your contribution :v::frsleepin::ok_hand:!

Let’s take a look at this epic model :arrow_down:!

Oh no… Vetex, what have you done? I’m assuming this was just a funny thing Vetex took an image of while messing with shark code. Or maybe sharks do open their mouths this wide. Guess we’ll never know :frpensive:

Next up, a tad bit more information for sharks! Blood puddles now appear on the surface of the water when a shark kills you :shark:. Sharks also now despawn after 2 minutes of not doing anything.

Sharks also have a 50% chance to drop a shark fin upon dying, which can be sold for 10 galleons a piece.

Next leak :poggers2:!

Ouch… that’s not gonna end well for that player. Here we see a tester being sucked into a whirlpool. Whirlpools will be even more dangerous with sharks in the mix, especially a certain shark you’ll see later :eyes:.

Next shark :drum:

The Tiger Shark! They have a 16.6% chance of spawning (Instead of a normal shark, presumably). They’re superior in all ways to normal sharks, unfortunately for their prey :sleeper:.

However, these sharks have a 50% chance to drop their fins, which, you guessed it, are worth more than a normal shark fin :moneybag:, being 25 galleons a piece!

But we want to fight back against the sharks as well, don’t we? These next changes make it possible! Let’s go bottom to top.

First of all, sharks now have HP bars. Definitely useful if you’re hunting sharks and need to… well, you know :fr:, have knowledge on their health status. This isn’t the only hint at how close you are to defeating a shark, though. Like boats, they have a “damaged” overlay. Ouch!

And after dying, the body of a shark will float to the surface :ocean:. You can damage them now, as you can see.

At the top, we can see some casual changes and finalizations to spawning rates. Only 2.5 sharks per player isn’t too bad :frhigh:… Wait. Sea monster spawning ignores this? Oh no :sleeper::gun::shark:.

Then, we have the Great White sharks! They only have a 12.5% chance of spawning! Though they’re bigger, stronger, and more durable than Tiger Sharks, they’re a bit slower than their striped friend. Swim faster :dash:!

They’ll drag you along for the ride, too. They’ll keep you in their mouth for a short time after biting! Besides this, they even have a special behavior, which is stalking you until you’re exhausted, then going in for the kill. Spooky :scream:! Their fins also sell for a whole 40 galleons!

Were Great White Sharks not bad enough? Don’t worry, lord Vetex hears your call! His plan for salvation is the Megalodon! Extinct? What are you talking about :thinking:?

Megalodons only have a 10% spawn rate, making them rarer than all the other sharks! They’re bigger, more powerful, and faster than Great Whites :ok_hand:. Upgrades, people, upgrades! Their fins, also with a 50% drop rate sell for a whopping 120 galleons. Business is booming :boom:! They can even detect you 50% further away than any other shark.

And that wasn’t bad enough, was it? Take a look at this :arrow_down::

You’re not safe on your ship anymore, either! When you’re sailing, they’ll attack your boat and swim down, dealing half the damage they would do to you to your ship :shield:. There might be adjustments in the future!

Know that sharks only attack boats smaller than them, so if you’re on a bigger boat, most sharks won’t attack you. But beware one of the ones coming up :smiling_imp:

There’s a new shark in between the likes of the Great White and Megalodon. The Lurker! Like I said, its stats are above the Great White, but below The Meg :flushed:. They’re a bit smaller than Great Whites, though.

What’s special about them? Remember when I said whirlpools weren’t safe? These suckers have a 25% chance to spawn under them. Fortunately, they’ll only detect players caught in whirlpools. Don’t get caught!

They have a half chance to drop a Lurker Eye upon death, which are sold for 70 galleons. Good luck collecting it though!

But if you thought Vetex was done with this, that sailing wouldn’t get any harder, you were dead wrong :sleeper:.

Behold, the first Sea Monster. Sea Monsters act similarly to Sharks. However, they are much more difficult, have their own tiers, and even have boss bars when you’re near them, making them much more significant :mariomug:.

Sea Monsters rarely spawn in the place of sharks, with no exact rarity stated.

And wanna know what the first Sea Monster is?

The White Eyes. Oh no…

Anybody who played Arcane Adventures is likely quivering in fear, including myself. Though, in Arcane Adventures, they weren’t as huge and terrifying as their Alpha counterparts, they were something to fear. And feared, they were.

White Eyes are notoriously humongous red sharks with glowing, fear-inducing white eyes. They’re this way because of mutation from living in magic-irradiated waters for so long :skull:.

The White Eyes shark is a Behemoth-Tier Sea Monster with 3,500 Health Points. They have objectively better stats in every category to all other sharks :frhigh:. Even scarier, they can target much larger ships like Ketches and Frigates. You’re not safe. Check your aquarium :flushed:.

The only thing that makes these things worth risking your life to kill is the fact that White Eyes have a 50% chance to drop a singular scale upon death. They sell for an incredible 300 Galleons each. Great scott, that’s a fortune :money_with_wings:.

You’ve been reading text for a while, huh? Have some images. Here’s a White Eyes shark in it’s natural habitat :arrow_down:.

Below is a genuinely terrifying image. A White Eyes shark sits directly in front of the player, clearly about to violently consume, thrash, and drag them at any moment. Just look at its’ size in comparison to the player… This was definitely the last image somebody ever took :frpensive:

You can also see the horrifying boss bar.


The below image almost looks like the sequel to the previous one. We see a player being actively eaten by a White Eyes shark while it breaches.

We can see the player taking several thousand points of damage from a single bite, just as they make a futile escape attempt with Plasma magic. Absolutely mortifying :frcryin:.


Now, we come across our second sea monster. This is truly the definition of suffering…

It’s called the Poison Jaws, and is a bit less notable than the famous White Eyes. It’s actually extremely fast, but what’s interesting is that it’s quite small and has low bite damage. But what makes up for that is that it deals insane poison damage :poison_magic_var1:.

And these aren’t even the worst Sea Monsters. There’s far, far, worse.

Also, take a look at this photoshopped image by @SavageDeviljho. This image, in celebration of the White Eye’s addition, put me in total hysterics.

On that apocalyptic note, I bid you a final farewell, since there’s a Poison Jaws riding on an Alpha White Eyes Shark flying over my neighborho-


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Art of the Anchor!

“Fighting till sunrise”
By @PapaMT

A super duper piece of art with a really nice color scheme. This one depicts a lot of popular figures and mods brawling it out! Super Arcane Bros. When :poggers2:?!?!?! When will this battle ever end? At sunrise :fr: Only time will tell! But while we wait for that, marvel at this incredible art!

Fighting till sunrise


Writing of the Anchor!

“Wizard’s Extinction Ch. 28 “Darkhole-Virus””
By @PercevalSalore

It was a dang tough choice of writing this week. Just kidding, for once, actually. There was only one writing piece I could choose from this anchor. What a choice :frhigh:! It was a good one, though. We have the continuation of Wizard’s Extinction, even though the wizards aren’t extinct yet. Besides this inconsistency :frcryin:, the plot is beginning to thicken. Read it!

Wizard's Extinction Ch. 28 "Darkhole-Virus"


Here’s a Puzzle For You…

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @BNTarwarn! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”Traced”!

This anchor’s riddle is…

”TOF Art #1

F _ a _ _ _ r e _ _ _ _ n _ e

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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