WMDrayal's art thread ( and shtposting... mostly shtposting )

why must we live and suffer in the incomprehensible 3rd dimension


oh yeah thats a she btw

now, the big question here

should she have breasts?

for context, shes a Drakon Magicorvus

magicorvus are humans mutated due to prolonged or extreme exposure to Ether, however most mordern days Magicorvus were probably born from Magicorvus parents

in other words, they were humans at first before they became a Magicrovus

Well assuming her mother had breasts, then probably

Female enough
First sketch looking very 3 dimensional :ok_hand:

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No. I don’t want people spamming smash when you finish this drawing.

chill, no one’s gonna see this other than like, 3 people

Depends on how much “human” you’d like her to be

I’d say no to keep the dragon looking stuff but on the other hand no one’s gonna identify that it’s a female

Also that art looks really damn good, keep it up

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im currently thinking that she does but they are mostly vestigial/non-functional

honestly it doesnt matter that much since i never draw breasts anyway, it mostly about the canon image

just something interesting about her:

  • Her name is Catas, from the word Catastrophe. If she were a dude she would be named Calam ( from Calamity ). Shes the reason why the Siblings (more on this later…probably)’ name all start with a C as
  1. they consider her a “honorary sibling”
  2. they didnt have proper names til she gave them
  • those things on her hands arent firearms, but rather firearm-shaped magic conduits, firearms do exist in my world but a Drakon like her would have little reason to use it as they are usually very strong both physically and magically

  • there are many different type of magic conduits, each with different specialization, firearm-shaped ones are capable of blasting out quick, controlled spells but have difficulty in casting advanced and complex spell, which is why its perfect for her since shes basically nerfing herself with them as she isnt very good at controlling her Arts yet, which often made she cause massive amount of collateral and environmental damage if she tries to do it without a conduit ( her Arts is, suprise suprise, Explosion )

  • no, not all Drakon looks like that, most just look like a human with scales, tail and horns. A full… animalistic(?) Magicorvus like her is very rare actually, as the condition for them to spawn has become much rarer over time

  • originally, she was in the main characters cast, but later i made her more of a support character instead since the way she deals with her targets can be… rather extreme for most of the main cast. The other reason lore-wise is that she doesnt want to accidentally harm them and decided to just travel alone til shes better at controlling her Arts

  • shes supposed to have some scars and a broken horns, i forgot that ( i was busy trying to draw a dragon head for like an hour alr )

  • she was supposed to be a lot colder and only close to a specific character, but after some lore revision that character is gone and is more or less replaced by the Siblings in general and shes somewhat more open now
    … still gonna have to figure out who will wield Creation Arts now tho…

  • she probably somewhere in her early 20s

  • yes, she is capable of breath attack

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Wmdrayal has awakened…
Very good art yep

how’s that degrading?

it’s sexualising

it’s technically a compliment though, and besides 99.9% of relationships start with physical attraction (not referring to platonic, etc.)

so what’s your point?

can you two not start an arguement here

not an issue, i’m not falling for that bait