WMDrayal's art thread ( and shtposting... mostly shtposting )

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“second strongest sorcerer alive”
Why you gotta do YUI like that

Holy shit, she has Mimicry

technically speaking, she is actually the strongest

the strongest sorcerer (Seren)'s body is currently rotting from the inside out so shes barely as strong as her prime rn and can probably live for like another year or 2 at max

while Seren can probably one shot Yui, she will most likely also die afterward due to exhaustion :skull:

Seren went into hiding after pushing her body over its limit some 20 years ago so people dont really know about her condition, just that shes still alive, which is why she is still considered the strongest sorcerer

she is wearing clothes made out of a slime that was imbued with her own devourer arts ( except the dress, its technically a part of her body )

then again, she can manipulate her flesh however she wants so you arent that far off

So it’s closer to Adoration then?


super lit!!

lore time

Devourer Arts

an Abnormal Arts that allow the user to create “mouths” that can destroy/cause severe damage to anything they eats and then converting them into Ether to fuel the user. The more is Ether used, the stronger the mouths would be. It is noted to be very Ether costly and difficult to use due to the precise calculation required to effectively use it

Reflector Arts

an Abnormal Arts that allow the user to create barriers that can redirect any attacks that touch it, however will also cause immense mental damage to the user if it breaks. The more is Ether used, the stronger the barriers would be. It is noted to be very Ether costly and difficult to use due to the precise calculation required to effectively use it

Apostle of Chaos

when someone with a strong enough willpower die, they might be able to briefly persist after death and thus attract the gaze of the Lightless, primordial beings trapped in the Between Realm. These beings will attempt to possess the aforementioned deceased, turning them into an Apostle of whatever the Lightless that possessed them is made out. After that, 2 outcomes can happen

  • the deceased’s willpower is strong enough to resist the influence of the Lightless, and they remain themself ( which a drawback or two to their mental and/or physical health )
  • the deceased’s willpower is not strong enough and they get comsumed entirely by the Lightless, whatever happens next depend entirely on the specific type of Lightless

A Lightless is made out of a specific power sources of the universe, one of which being Chaos Energy. An Apostle of Chaos is capable of Chaosify freely, which grants them the ability to manipulate their body however they want to. A fully controlled Apostle of Chaos is capable of manipulating the body of others as well


A race of Magiculus whose body is made out of a specific element. Yui isnt one, her original race was Morgen aka human ( yes, she is not a cat, despite what her hair might suggests ), but her body got melted into a blob of flesh during a certain incident that resulted in the annihilation of a kingdom some decades ago

Her turning into an Apostle of Chaos allows her to form back into her human form, but her body is still just a mass of flesh, theres no organs in it or anything

thus, it was decided by the E.G.O Foundation to classify her as an Fysian on paper since its the closest to what shes actually is while also not hindering her combat ability

…actually, now that i think about it, they can just classify her as a Morgen Mutant huh


her cloak is made out of slimes that were imbued with her Devourer Arts, which allow it to automatically absorb low level attacks ( and also ambient Ether in the air ) and fuel her

The teeth that form on them can be used as close-medium range attacks and also happen to help increase its defensively capability by making it more resistant toward slash and pierce damage ( in places where the teeth are present )

the dress is just part of her body

bro’s wearing mimicry


looks at pfp



Is that nothing there as a human


her original design is just a black dress with white ribbons

i made a bestiary for my world a while ago and just figured i should use it for something

using monster parts as items like clothings and weapons arent particularly uncommon after all

I thought you were about say it was melting love but red

Ty for the information about the ego enkephalin obtainment methods

Keep cooking :heart:

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Cryo Stellaeon

most of the other Stellaeons are either absorbed, destroyed by Seren or currently in Isaac’s possession, except for Cryo and Iyono (magma) cause trying to remove them from their current location might possibly destroy the region at best and the entire world at worst

Seren has many titles, one of them is Star Eater


lore ( if theres any ) about each of the stellaeons, part 1

  • Aero Stellaeon: The first Stellaeon that Seren found, was being traded in a black market. Due to her status as the strongest sorcerer alive, many people thought she absorbed it but in reality she chose to destroy it instead after some advising from Deidra, her… adoptive mother, lets say that

  • Hydro Stellaeon: “Absorbed by Otodus” is kinda misleading. Yui basically messed around with it and found a way to directly imbue a Stellaeon into a sword before giving it to Otodus. She didnt absorbed it cause she “didnt feel like it”

  • Pyro Stellaeon: The people of Scorched Ground have a tradition of choosing a Firekeeper who will act as a protector and, if needed to due to one reason or another, a leader to grant them the Pyro Stellaeon, which, for some reasons, always consistently teleport to somewhere in Scorched Ground.
    Back in the days they used to straight up hunt down anyone who dare to take the Stellaeon, tho nowaday it has became a lot more lax.
    Theresa Flamehunter is the current Firekeeper and has been at her job for, nearly a decade or so.
    After the Great Scorch wiped out most of the Drakons and other residents of the Scorched Ground, including its previous ruler, Theresa has been acting as its ruler since

  • Lumino Stellaeon: formerly belonged to Laura, Issac’s late wife, it was the first Stellaeon he actively tried to look for

  • Erebo Stellaeon: a Stellaeon has a barrier around it that prevent “unsuitable hosts” from absorbing it. Zamera, in her desire for power, attempted to break that barrier and succeeded, only to find out that theres a good reason why the barrier is a thing.
    See, when someone absorbed a Stellaeon, their body is broken down to its atoms and absorbed into the Stellaeon, which will then recreate their body using said infomation. However, its limited and only compatible to a select fews, anyone else who managed to absorbed the Stellaeon despite the barrier will only be given humanoid body vaguely resemble what they once was but made out of the Stellaeon’s element instead.
    In Zamera’s case, imagine the shadow dude from shadow fight

  • Psammo Stellaeon: Similar denizens of the Scorched Ground, the people of the Ancient Desert also have a tradition of choosing a person to grant them the Psammo Stellaeon, which somehow has always consistently teleport to somehwere in the Ancient Desert after its previous user died.
    The former Sandwraith was Harena’s mother and was also the previous Titan of the Ancient Desert. After she mysteriously died, Harena inherited both of her position.
    Interesting, other than the standard sand-related Arts, shes also capable of turning sand into glass and vice-versa, even proficiently using Sand Transmutation Arts on external objects despite having only possessed in for less than a year

  • Cryo Stellaeon: Currently located at Silent Frost, is the whole reason why the world hasnt ended yet
    Theres a substance called Void which was created by humans as an attempt to kill gods. Due to its purpose, it constantly tries to convert surrounding materials into more void, so leaving it unchecked will obviously has dire consequence. Thankfully, its properties is similar to water aka becoming solid when the temperature is low enough, so freezing as a containment method works
    Now, why does this matter? Because theres a whole lake of it in Silent Frost. Apparently a research facility used to be located there and after a thousand or so years passed, it began to break down ( surprise, i know ) and the void started to melt and grew continously in secret again
    The previous host of the Cryo Stellaeon, an old man born in winter who likes bringing happiness to people, happened to discover this one day and decided to sacrifice himself to stop it… Unfortunately, as he told no one about it to prevent panic , he is remembered as an sorcerer who went crazy and decided to curse and haunte the island after his death instead, with only a select fews know the truth

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