WOM and AO Comparisons

I want to bring up some debates about changes from WOM to AO and once again clarify why AO is in the step in the right direction. I’ll make this brief and short with a few other points I haven’t made in the past.

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WOM grinding absolutely sucks. The gameplay loop of finding a quest, defeating enemies, and returning to the quest giver is a repetitive process that barely holds up. There is absolutely no variation to each fight as all that really changes are magics, level, and perhaps weapon. The AI give no satisfaction to defeating them and you’ll have to repeat this process for a while. If you’re inexperienced, you’ll likely get to level 90 in 5 ish hours without boosters. Each spell is also spaced out so any sense of progression is every once in a while. A GAME DOESN’T HAVE TO BE GRINDY. You can have the game directly be fun right from the beginning.

Horses, Flight and Boats:
Horses are basically just running faster, flight is just easy escapes and whoa you can fly, and boats have actual mechanics behind them. You’ll get to see much more on what boats have to offer compared to the previous planned transportation methods. It’ll have so much more depth in customization alongside things to do on the ocean while saioing.

Replay Value
What can you do in WoM? You have boring ass quests and lackluster PvP. These won’t keep players forever and the game actually needs content other than this. AO has an actually interesting storyline, way more interesting things that occur such as unpredictable weather and diving spots, and a bunch more. Combat changes such as skill points and reworked melee are also gonna be a thing.

World Structure
Each island will serve even some purposes opposed to the empty baron areas of WoM. You walk in a straight line seeing absolutely everything while islands can actually have important stuff on there such as lore, people, and enemies in much more condensed areas. Sailing is gonna be so much more fun than walking due to encounters such as bosses, ghost ships, etc.


Stop hyping me more or I’m gonna hack a tester’s account to play AO

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