[WoM] Level 10,000 Explosion SPEEDRUN 291.8 hours + Guides

I invented a new strat using bursting mode.

How its possible:
For those of us who played WoM, you know when youre in a town and bring a friend along to raid it? The “Accomplice” effect can be stacked infinitely which spawns an insane amount of magic council. You can use bursting mode to hit nearly all of them before they can even despawn. Having a 2nd accomplice marked player triples the spawns ontop of this. It gets as crazy as 600k xp per round, but its very rng depending on burst timing.

Other things that helped:
EDIT: Ignore base magic size. As long as you have about 250+ size in stats, you can cover the area. Even light magic can do it, but damage is included in the xp formula so it may still be slower.

How to get the spawns ontop of you:
The person stacking spawns needs to sit at the right corner of the dock so it forces them to spawn directly ahead of them, like this.

Anyone farming sits across the bridge in the middle to spam the burst spell, but having 2 or more people will more than half the xp.

Stat comparison to @noob5096 :
Low hours: Explained above.
Low kill count: You dont need to kill off each group, only hit. One shotting greys might not have counted either. Not sure.
Low fight count: It almost doesnt go up at all if the majority of the spawns are from the accomplice player and not whoever is farming.
Low spell count: Bursting mode was used almost exclusively throughout the entire game.


this is a really neat strat, any idea what level this should start to be used at?

This is actually pretty clever.

im like lv 1k, can i use this?

as an explosion enjoyer this brings joy to my heart


For sitting in the middle? Ive seen lvl 300’s do it and survive since they despawn pretty quickly. Sometimes the NPCs don’t despawn though so its a bit risky if you aren’t 1000+ to tank them.
EDIT: I think they only survived because I was distracting them. It might not be possible at this level

Yes and bring a max magic size loadout. I think the highest without sunken now is +306.
Bursting magic size, warrior’s coat, warrior’s boots, valkyrie, and bursting power upgraded to lvl 200 which is the max

yes as a fellow explo user ive already gotten max magic size

Soloable, lower lvl farming spot:
Look for this house in riverville. If you break the ramp, you get a little indestructible camping spot underneath it

Sitting here forces most of the captains to run into it on foot since they cant see you, which lets you bursting mode them. Some will fly from the rooftops of the buildings though, so wreck those.

Bursting mode spells are very low range under 1000 if you dont have size gear, so another option is to spam beams against the wall.

DAMN this is genius. I loved the world of magic government and threat system, it felt really alive.

getting air dropped by infinite troops is a different type of alive


Size check


Blast flyby

Nuke pillar

Bonus: Pillar and charge size vs the tower

One shotting the tower


WoM’s MC potential was really off the charts

so about them majors…this might not work anymore :>

How do you stack accomplice anyways?

have another guy hit a window or building at the end of each wave. takes a few tries sometimes. no clue if this is bug or not but it works

i was wrong, majors made this way faster. im helping a whole server grind to 10k.
also, new speedrun time
lightning alt pre update

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Could you help me lvl up too :pray:

same fr fr fr fr