WoM Moment

Dont know if this is done before but hea rme out.
Ok so imagine wom is still a thing then you are vetex… what would you do to fix wom? its not valid to create AO or something like that it needs to be wom and what vetex expected wom to be or atleast have the same idea.
My point is if you where vetex what would you add or change to “fix” wom.
I would :

  • Add a source of transport and nerf flight spell.
  • Obviously fix all bugs or try atleast.
  • Remove cultures but leaving them there just for cosmetic purposes
  • Maybe make some parts of magius a type of lvl like the seas in AA (Meaning that some areas are unlocked at higher levels)
  • Still add all things AO has planned (Like the hunger system profession and all that stuff that doesnt relate to sea based things)
  • And the rest is just to fix and balance all other problems WoM has.

I think if vetex had done this it could be almost as good as AO…
Tell me what yall think of this if it has any mistakes or something like that
I like writting and asking this kind of stuff haha

Add legendary weapons, and boobs.

only agree with the first one

add losts and ancients

Remove water from the game

As i said

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its all a floating island actually a cool idea

I meant the magic but yeah that’s a better idea

minecraft hunger system

theelment showing us yet again that he is the slayer of H2O

Wait fuck I’m a ship how tf would I sail

sky ships are a thing


be a based skyship

I’m not a skyship I’m a warship

warship with wings


@The_elment I think I snapped a pic of you

recognize this face?

Flying Ship Commission by Entar0178 on DeviantArt

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I don’t get it

Make the game more linear and focus more on core mechanics (and no, fishing is not a core mechanic)

wom is still a thing, but it won’t be updated.

i know i meant well that what if it still be updated