World of magic iceberg


the magic council has eyes everywhere. i accidentally broke one of my dishes while cleaning them and i still got a fine, what is this bullshit


Pinging vetex should be somewhere on there lol.


shouldve added acid bomb

how DARE you break your OWN PROPERTY?!
smh stupid criminal


If you go one deeper you will find the theory that World of Magic doesn’t exist and this is instead a simulator game.


My theories do have credibility though, they aren’t as bizarre as “Vetex is Mal”. I asked a Magic 8 Ball before posting them so I have at least some support.

All jumbo’s theories are right

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the ultimate iceberg, surpasing that of even the sm64 iceberg.

vetex is truly a bad guy in the end of the iceberg :rofl:

7 is coming home…
7 belongs to a power AA player who spams suggestions in literally every forums chat
11 is standing still belongs to a Guild called 11th legion which was an AR faction

philip clay’s lost papers is a mystery that still haunts me to this day

magius is a flat earth the skies are boxes covering the entire continent the sea has an end

femtex is real

did you forget the npc body compression glitch

wait can someone explain me about king david is dead ? someone’s theory or something ?

i’m pretty sure it comes from his world of magic creepypasta

oh thank, can you tell me about Vetex is mal thing ? i don’t even khow what mal is

mal was a forum troll whose account and entire activity on this forum was just erased by the admin, i’m pretty sure. vetex being mal is a reference to this post

thank you, kind stranger