Would eating magic irridated salt make me stronger?

apparently magic irridated salt is used to make arcanium
if that’s the case can i eat the salt itself to make myself far stronger than anyone else

No wonder america is a world superpower :thinking:

well the metal that is used for arcanium isnt alive, but you well…are alive and remember what happens to curse users (Alo imagine eating sea salt just to gain power ew)

yes but curses are embodiments of their elements
salt with magic is just salt with magic, it won’t make me into a salt curse user

are you really willing to eat salt just to get stronger?

also you just said it its just salt with magic will not do anything


i said it wont turn me into a salt curse user, i didn’t say it wont do anything

well i mean that you said it sea salt is just salt with magic it only has magic conducting abilities so its perfect for weapons also


sea salt has very weird propieties thats why i think its going to harm well anything? just look at white eyes, tehy use it on arcanium weapons bc sea salt conducts magic and they use it to arcanium so it conducts magic better

oh right yeah i forgot arcanium conducts magic, it doesn’t actually generate magic itself
but yeah like you mention white eyes, it’s only capable of existing because of magic polluted water iirc
i assume magic salt is what makes the water polluted, so i think it’s still possible that i actually become stronger if i eat it
also might be able to explain sailor fist idk

but still i doubt maybe its possible if u eat it everyday for a long time

yeah i say it’s possible
my guess is that eating magic irridated salt temporarily makes you stronger (sailor fist), but you need to be exposed to magic irridated salt for a long time to see any permanent effects
would love to see vetex’s answer this to confirm it

holy Shitmagic frennch frie

sounds yummy


white eyes is in the ocean and became white eyes because duza go big boom and pollute the ocean with magic, which is why white eyes is big and evil and all that. SO, since the ocean has salt that became magic salt, if you eat magic salt u will become evil and red and get white eyes.


Something tells me this would have some sort of negative effect instead. Like, you might slowly lose your natural magic affinity due to the magical radiation exposure. Otherwise, you’d figure EVERYONE would be eating the magic salt if it had some sort of benefit. At the very least, it may just cause insanity, since that’s what normal salt does if you eat too much at once.

Duza vs. Thos was an epic fight bro

*durza. Grammarly sucks