Would snow become relavent with sunken sword being able to apply soaked in AO?

I imagine a very annoying build with crowd control and stuns and blinding, it seems like it might be decent with weapons being able to make up for whatever snow lacks in, like speed or damage and even enabling snow in the case of sunken to freeze

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sunken snowrd

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i hope not, then sunken sword users would just dwell in snow based biomes lol

most people are interested in an ice imbued sunken sword (freezing + soaked instantly causing frozen just like snow, but with 25% more damage instead of 10%) so snow is still going to be less used than ice, especially with sunken sword

But it still works with snow and improves snow value as a solo magic right?

I guess so, but it also boosts ice, which is better as a magic like in general at everything

yes, but its better with ice

a snow + ss setup could work just fine, id imagine the blind being a nice addition and snow is also just a much cooler magic (the reason you should be picking magics for :muscle:) but for pure damage output, ice beats it

also keep in mind that weapon imbuement isnt added yet and we arent 100% certain how it works, the info were going off is from our own theories and how testers have said it might work

I didn’t even consider magic imbuement when i wrote this, i was imagining the water and snow being applied independently but this is very interesting news to me

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Frozen is a crappy status effect a person with a heat magic or if they use a skill ANY SKILL will break out of it it is only good is it happens every 3 seconds or 4,5 because it can get very annoying

I mean boxing could be good because I would be snow warlock and i apply snow effect and boxing does wind effects on higher levels so frozen

Plus I will skip a second magic for a fighting style so ill go for knocking fist which does lightning effects at higher level and paralyzes the enemy and slows them down if i hit them enough times

snow also does 60% less dmg when target is frozen… maybe I should re think this build

Snow mage is a bad idea

To me

Conjurer or warlock


But your a snow main

I go for warlock

For warlocks each fighting style hit procs your magic status effect so i do snowy per hit blinding the enemy

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