Would snow become relavent with sunken sword being able to apply soaked in AO?

Wym snow as your wepon? Do you mean as your first magic?

Are you saying snow will be better then ice for conjunerers?

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A snow user speakign here. Snow is different from ice since it blinds the opponent slightly (can stack). And is a really good Status effect remover. While yes Ice is overall a better magic if you look at stats like damage etc. And combo’s like Ice Water and Ice wind exist.

Snow deals less damage to people under the frozen effect. So Snow-Wind, Snow-Water are sub optimal, but frozen is too easy to escape, atleast in WoM, so you can still deal consistent damage if you think about it. But people seem to forget that Snow-Ice also freezes, and then you still have an alternative magic to deal bonus damage to frozen(+ higher normal base damage) while also benefiting from the blind effects from snow, although Ice-Water is probably much better.

I do feel like snow conjurer/warlock is gonna be really fun to use, i personally am going snow conjurer.

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He’s talking about the fact that Conjurer (and warlocks) will be able to infuse magic into their weapons/fighting styles.

He basically said "Snow will be my magic in my weapon/magic build (conjurer). Not snow will be my weapon.