X’s art thread of various things

and this is why I would hypothetically always wear bulletproof armor with several spray cans of raid whenever I came over to visit or was in the area.

cactus bandits based on my cacti I have at home

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pvz2 character leak

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hey btw ozzie, how do you go about, sorry if this is a weird question, legs?

I usually keep pants loose and “baggy like” since i find it easier to draw them, without worrying too much of how anatomically correct they look and cuz it gives them shape

depending on character details, I just add stuff onto the pants after, but usually I keep them simple!!

pictures of the cactus characters (stealing the town’s water supply), sheriff Ivy character belongs to a friend of mine




redraws with the tvheads

June 2022

May 2018


doodle from my dnd campaign where the character I play is a Kobold and is actually chronically stupid

this is his solution to their current issue: they can only bring specifically candles to the mines, due to them being a “creature of the night” deterrent atm

my favourite bozo