Y’all think we’ll find any order members in Skyhall?

Title is basically the question. Personally I’m on the fence here cause before Vetex said this sea would focus more on the war stuff without the order, but Skyhall is also probably the most separate place from the conflict below barring the mc’s soon to be interference.

What do y’all think?

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Order wants to advance magic power at all cost

Skyhall is the most magically advanced kingdom ( advanced, not strongest )

theres gotta be an Order member or two there

I still stand by my crackpot theory that the only reason Skyhall has such an isolationist and anti-seadweller policy is so the Order can fuck w/ genetics without having any outside genes fuck it up.

idk the order’s from the sea and they’re racist and skyhall seems to be pretty isolated imo i don’t think they’d accept the orders thingies or whatever

Well I’d imagine the order would be a little more discreet with their infiltration

they’ve had hundreds of years to assimilate while gaslighting skyhallers into hating seadwellers

why would they infiltrate, they didn’t infiltrate with ravenna which is our best and only example so

well gaslighting a small child into becoming your pawn is much different than gaslighting a group of people into hate the rest of humanity

Cause they’re a shadow organization that very few people know about and being completely straightforward would kinda fuck that up? Calvus was a stroke of good luck being young and impressionable plus dead parents when the order came around

maybe you have a point there bro

Skyhall seems like a good place to set up a base

Wait, really? :eyes:

“I am a representative of the order, and we were wondering if you wanted to join our cau-”
“Sea dweller, if you don’t get your- [The follow message has been excluded due to excessive hate speech]”

Skyhall would never associate themselves with an organization largely comprised of inferiors.
(watch them all be sky people)

I don’t think its confirmed anywhere but the sky kingdom in AA was generally magic advanced with how isolated they were from war and stuff.

Since vetex stated that the war seas is more advanced because of the amount of legacies living there, could it be that skyhall citizens deem themselves as superior because they are mostly, if not all descendants of the gods? It would explain the reason behind the superior magic advancing.
Maybe skyhall is isolating itself from the rest of the world to make sure the golden ichor in the blood of its citizens doesnt get weaker by reproducing with those who do not descend from a god.
If that’s the case then the MC could even turn out to possibly have been from skyhall before the order took him

Yeah, but Im not sure if it would be applied to AO. I heard that Cirrus Island was the opposite of AA’s first sky island story, where in AO, people there were less likely to have people born with magic, while in AA, it was more likely…


We now know that Spirit Energy is passed on through generations, it could be likely that the average Spirit Energy on Cirrus is just so low that they don’t get many mages.

Honestly? Yes, yes I do. Now, will it be involved in the Main Story? Maybe not. Maybe it’s something we can come back and do at some point at Skyhall.

The whole Magic Supremacy thing would suit Sky Islanders quite a bit.

Maybe a spy that you can see in certain cut scenes or smn… after all, the order wants us dead and/or wants us back to their testing site.