Y'all excited for rell seas?

the movie is coming out today and will show progression (among other things) so the movie is basically deciding on if i will play the game or not.

if the movie is good and shows that progression is actually pretty good imma try and apply for tester tbh

I’m interested in seeing how it’ll be, but as usual my hopes aren’t too high for it to be something crazy. I do hope the game turns out to be enjoyably since that would be a breath of fresh air compared to the other one piece games on the platform

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its a one piece game on roblox itll be grindy slop with bright colors to get children playing it

keeping my hopes at rock bottom, no one ever has made a good one piece game and i dont expect this to be good either

me when vetex made a masterpiece one piece game

are you talking about opga? i joined roblox in 2015 so it was a bit before my time

if you mean ao, i wouldnt consider it a one piece game, the appeal of one piece games is getting to use devil fruits and stuff from one piece and thats not what ao is

From what I’ve seen it has good animations and modelling which is exactly what you’d expect from a rell game. Sl2 was a good concept but the progression was horrific imo.

i cant wait for gpo 2

I’m cautiously optimistic for it, whenever I go onto youtube people are always talking about how Rell Seas (and Holy War X) are going to save roblox and stuff when we haven’t even seen the progression, to add to that most of the stuff we know comes from the Rell Brothers just saying what’s going to be in it instead of actually showing us. So seeing that kind of stuff makes me more critical of it and I won’t get my hopes up yet until I can judge it for myself when the movie comes out.

also need to mention that the maps look empty from all the sneaks we’ve been seeing.

If they make haki and non devil fruit builds viable then I’ll play it lol

I’m expecting it to be absolute rock bottom garbage with Homelander eventually being added as a devil fruit.

Hopefully builds don’t NEED other stuff and you can solo with just Fishman or a Saber with haki, but I won’t expect much that way I can enjoy it


“Excitement” and “One Piece game” are mutually exclusive until proven otherwise.


One Piece definitely isn’t the #1 top selling manga rn, who would ever be excited for anything related to it

I know literally nothing about one piece, I just know that every game I’ve ever seen that advertises its self as a one piece game ends up being a godawful soulless grindfest.

Typically goes 1:1 exactly the same for any other anime game too.

Oh you mean any One Piece thing on Roblox, then yeah you’re right

considering shinobi life 2 had shit like genkai bags and etc. rell seas is probably gonna have something similar where you kind of need to pay to enjoy it

i mean they showing progression in the vid they are releasing today, so i think checking that out would be pretty good

dunno in shinobi life 2 you could farm all the gamepasses which is smth atleast…

don’t remember where but i do think they said they wanna change roblox one piece games

so things like no more bandit beating (which they said they don’t have, but will have to see)
boring grinding
and i would say that gamepasses are also a really bad part of OP roblox games, so they might not have shit gamepasses

The ‘Rell Seas Movie’ is premiering now, if anyone is interested;

Haven’t watched it myself yet, from what I’ve heard it’s longer than an hour

That movie was horrid and showed nothing of interest besides the inertia combat for me.

Hopefully the release is good


the movie should’ve been scripted but they did show some pretty good stuff:

progression is gonna be a bit like arcane odyssey, you can just do anything you want and you will still progress. (this is a fucking banger, and basically confirmed that i will give this game a try at the very minimum, but does seem like i might no life this game)

you can stay on the goddamn ship, hallejulah, you can do air combo’s and whatever and you will still stay in the spot on the ship where you were, this is really fucking cool.


also ship customization looked bonkers. ships are gonna look pretty damn different.

i’m in their discord live rn:

and hype moment, there will be no devil fruit bags, no devil fruit notifier, no fast ships and dumb shit like that

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