Yo guys make up characters to add for my manga or world idk

so I have a little manga story world thing called “project blue rock” and I need characters with superpowers and funny unique personalities idk here’s a basic story of the world:

so once upon a time in an alternate reality a long time ago there were these aliens called bonuiin who found this neat little planet called earth and then they realized they couldn’t communicate with earth people because earth people don’t have this really specific organ so they tried just tweaking with evolution a little by tainting earth’s water supply with “the formula” which fails and instead gives everyone on earth superpowers and then chaos and then the bonuiin try getting the world in control again and then when the world is in control again bonuiin never leave but observe quietly and then there’s a new sport made on earth and our protagonist wants to enroll into the league with his friends :3

(the most common species are: humans,avians,cat-people,reptilians,and bonuiin, though, there are exceptions like dog or mice people but very uncommon.)

(power’s I’ve come up with already with characters)

super strength
robot (this is only a technicality and might not even classify as a power tbh)

this is way too long already and that’s just the prologue wth :skull:

Soul Justice

  • Can absorb/eject (absorbed) matter
  • Modern day robin hood
  • Boyfriend to Harmony Stakes

Harmony Stakes

  • Can manifest religious/mythological occurrences, such as being able to part a sea like Moses
  • Wants to die (not depressed just curious)/ has literally no fear of death, but does of bodily harm
  • Girlfriend to Soul Justice

Rebecca “The Immortal” Einstein

  • she can turn damage into stamina, vitality, and strength
  • is a doctor
  • can also really go down on a mother fucker but won’t kill

Michael Angelo

  • Can add to time
  • Is a soccer player
  • Scared of the dark

Ulysses Jackson

  • Able to manifest historical occurrences, similar to Harmony’s power
  • Is a rival of Harmony, who have sort of a love/hate platonic bond with one another
  • Always unintentionally makes puns he never picks up on but other people constantly do

Law Justice

  • Can inverse people’s powers
  • Is a member of law enforcement
  • Father of Soul Justice

some I just thought of :person_shrugging:



these are pretty good as competitors for the league


wait what are the races tho

(Im assuming none are bonuin since idk those are more mysterious and kinda espionage)

idk didn’t think that far

soul can be human
harmony too
rebecca lizard cause why not
ulysses is a cat boy
michael angelo is human
and law is human

yay cat boys

I guess I’ll add these

wait I’m confused on the soccer guy and the law guys what do they do???

sounds really weird i don’t get it

Michael Angelo can add to time. Say it takes you 10 seconds to run across a room. Michael can make it 14 seconds, or 18, or really whatever (ig within reason if you don’t want him to be OP). Nothing really changes, you don’t slow down and it doesn’t get further, but it takes more time.

Law can inverse people’s powers, making them do the opposite of what they’re intended to do
If someone has super strength they become super weak
If someone can control metal then the metal they control will not follow their orders (if that makes sense)
or if someone can talk to the dead they can only talk to the living

it just makes whatever their powers are only do the opposite

hmmm it’s almost like I can do that irl

okay well these are pretty neato


might make like Law one of the more recurring characters he seems interesting he can work alongside another character of mine for investigating the disappearances of people and recent anomalies (bonuiins being weird)

I’m gonna be that guy.

Armis Grey

Usual equipment: Retractable spear, 7 extra spearheads, dozens of throwing knives, a bastard sword, a bag full of smoke bombs.
Ability: Passive ability cancelation.
Hobbies: Throwing knives.
Age: 28

Armis Grey grew up in a forest, somewhere in XXXX, with his mother.
His mother taught him how to hunt, and how to hide from dangers. One day, when Armis was exploring, he found his fathers decaying remains, although he didn’t know it was his fathers remains until it was too late.
After reporting his findings to his mother, she told him that he had to run. Armis asked why, when he heard a knock on the door.

A man in a mask came and used his ability on Armis’ mother.
“Lucia… I hope you didn’t think I’d forget.”, said the man. His ability had something to do with mind control.

Lucia attempted to kill Armis with her spear, but he grabbed it before it connected and decapitated her. However, it wasn’t Armis who really killed her, he was under mind control.
With an intense amount of concentration, he dispelled the ability, and tried to throw his spear at the man. The man dodged it, and ran away.

A few days later, he found his mothers diary in the houses attic. It read…

“He’s dead, and I killed him. But did I? Why did he have to come now…? At a time like this, when I am with child… I should have just listened to him.”
Armis figured that the decayed remains were his fathers.
He searches for the man and anyone associated with him to get revenge.


sorry if its cringe lol

why is everyone forgetting to add races???

oh yea btw the miitosis user is like the silliest goofiest character ever


(short for miitosis chan)


alright cool

any powers?

read the thing >:(



what I don’t get it