Yo guys make up characters to add for my manga or world idk

a multiverse itself is infinite universes, and now you’re telling me that there’s infinite groups of those infinite universes?

One liner. A guy that is constantly thinking of cool one liners to say. If he gets one in battle he’ll have his eureka moment and say it to gain buffs and win in the most comeback protagonist kid way possible. To balance this set win condition of the one liner, if at any point the line becomes lame (even if it’s 100 years from the point) history rewrites itself to make him lose in the most close fight in history.

idk man I’m not the terrorist leader

anyways we need the help from:

robot kunri from AU where its the future already

caveman roy from AU where its still ungabunga

mafia boss laui from AU where he I guess became mafia


Literal zombie AU form of frosty

Ent from an alternate universe where humans and bonuiin never really got along and then there is a war and ent is in battle armor.

we have the main protagonists finally:

Scarla who manipulates explosion

and Vol’du a bonuiin from an alternate universe that’s fairly similar to the one we’re used too and he happens to lead a very similar life to scarla (it’s boring and fairly normal)

he controls vacuums (absences of matter in the shape of cubes)

he’s also emo

project blue rock was better ngl


well eh violet rift is still really rough and we shouldn’t worry about it since I still need to build the world of Blue rock

by the way, do you know why it’s called project blue rock?


think about it.

what is a blue rock.

and why would it be a project

and who made this project

hint: read the lore

a big blue rock

add phanes god of creation and eris god of chaos
your world will totally not get destroyed : )

doubt it’d be tbh

better idea: both can still talk to each other, but their words only come out to each other as “bababooey”

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we should probably think about what the bonuiin actually look like

please do, i’ve been curious about it


big think

sounds interesting

do they participate in the league?

yeah ent doesn’t really talk (it’s almost like bonuiins can’t speak englesh!1!)

no she’s just meme character

Darkness ofc

weird how I haven’t made light or darkness characters yet

fr make darkness now