You all asked for you go, Arcane Odyssey Riddle pt. 2

Does that means that AA’s protagonist was seen like an actual “Peacekeeper”, hero who took down current biggest threat in the world, while AO’s protagonist is seen by commonfolk like some villain who destabilize situation between kingdoms, waging wars?

I assume it like this because in AA our goals were clear for other people. But in AO it feels like people didn’t understand us right and didn’t see our goals. In the end, they put us on the dark side. You can see this by reading dialogues with people from Ravenna after storyline.

Maybe? But Tech kinda revealed that the quotes are more about each person’s goal, revealing that the quote for the dove was specifically PK’s goal in creating peace.

My guess is, AO MC’s end goal is to become someone that protects peace by striking down those who threaten it or those who are wrongfully creating peace through unjustful means (like how the Order is doing rn) behind the shadows.

Amngst the comments Tech liked in this thread is one that pointed out that an Eagle STEALS from other birds. And I realized that its a stark contrast to a Dove as one of the reasons theyre even known as “birds of peace” is because they leave other birds alone, only feeding off seeds and stuff (well, unless you endanger their nest)

I forgot to mention in the comment above is that a part of Pokemonisntfun’s theory also said that rather than the two sides being complete opposites, they actually complement each other. They dont clash, they coexist.

Lightning can also symbolise “retribution of the divine” so uh yeah.

So if the Dove strives for Peace, then the Eagle strives for Justice. I kinda said that above but yeah.

This is the part thats the most vague about the riddle tbh. We now definitely know that this is AO MC, but I think the reason this wasnt completely solved is because of that specific quote and what it actually means for AO MC’s future. I dont think anyone has gotten it, or asked if they got it.


Depth of these riddles is impressive.

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It’s been over three years, I’m convinced this riddle will be answered after the completion of the game

it’ll only take a little bit of time, about 15 years or so.