You can remove one Magic, Fighting Style, or Weapon from the game. What is it?

Magic: Glass. I didn’t say “rework,” and if I did, I’d choose reworking Wood into being about plants in general. Glass Magic sounds like a complete joke to me, and I don’t think it fits AO all that much. Give Julian any other curse, such as the Wood Curse, and boom: you just applied a bandage to a plot point.

Fighting Style: No clue, but I’d go with Cannon Fist because the only thing it’s good for is a ranged M1 that also happens to do good damage.

Weapon: Fuck if I know. If anything, I’d add dual thrusting weapons (such as a pair of Sais) to the game.

M - Metal
Fuck Metal
If you use Metal i will find you.

FS - Iron Leg
Metal but not Metal
Dont check your mailbox.

W - Vindicator
it has too much fucking AOE, and most warriors i fight rely on it heavily
if i were to add a weapon though i would 100% want more dual wield weapons (katanas, daggers, etc)

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magic: plasma, it’s my least favourite

fighting style: thermo fist, it’s my least favourite

weapon: dagger, it’s my least favourite

i don’t actually want any of these removed though

As a metal user, you don’t scare me

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The local thermo berserker will though.


Oh no

I feel threatened even knowing this isn’t directed towards me, with none of my files ever having Metal Magic.

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M: Crystal. I will never forget cleg
Fs: Thermo. You need a good pc to play
W: Greatsword. Tempest causes crashes and is mad annoying


magic: i used to hate on sand, glass, and snow but now i have a mage on an alt with the first two and i don’t actually care much about snow
would be cooler if they made it look more like snowFLAKES than just a clump of snow, though
fighting style: idk there’s not really that many of them
weapon: you know how some weapon types are clones of another? yeah i’d get rid of whichever one is the most lame and has a cooler type that does the same thing

Magic: as a mage i have no idea, i like everything but maybe light to piss off my friend
Fighting style: Thermofist, fuck the meta
Weapon: Kai blade, you weapon users complained about mage aoe and you have this


magic: thermo fist
fighting style: thermo fist
weapon: thermo fist
fuck shot

Yall hate thermo so bad just block/parry/dodge smh

Magic: light/shadow (they are basically identical, what do you want from me?)

Way too annoying to fight, want to know 9/10 times how a fight against a light mage goes?
Air stall using Light beam, light explosion, light blasts all at max size. Take like 150-200 damage and have your screen obscured with an attack from an opponent you can already barely pinpoint midair to begin with. Get hit with extremely misleading/desynced light explosion hitboxes. Your Blind and beaten like a dog before the opponent hits the ground.

Source: Am Metal/Light mage.

Its blind effect combined with its fast, spammable misleading high AOE, with ok damage makes it frustrating to do anything against, metal is ok at close range but really ineffective in a firefight because almost everything is faster and even if it wins a clash the projectile is usually destroyed by the much faster flurry of projectiles following it. Its difficult to use effectively despite being the far end of the extreme, while the other end of the extreme light/shadow, is extremely op because ironically its everything metal is not.

As someone who uses both it really shows how actually unbalanced individual magics are right now and very few are willing to admit it, let alone the devs.

Fighting Style: Boxing this style seems like an obligated carry over from AA, and is frankly almost nothing more than a noob trap. You gain nothing of value from boxing, other fighting styles preform better.

Thermo fist is basically the advanced form of this class and does everything this does but better. No one and I mean no one has ever used boxing, i have yet to see a single boxing player at all that isnt completely unaware of the other styles. The fact that basic combat will preform leagues better than boxing shows how worthless boxing is.

Weapon: The flintlock (singular) Zero point to this weapon, you got rifle’s and you got dual flintlocks (and bows), you use singular flintlock if you have zero clue what your doing. I get in theory, if you got dual flintlocks you should be able to use only one, but it just serves to show that the weapons system tends to be really full of fodder. (whether you consider that a good or bad thing with how every weapon has an unfinished skill list currently, is up to you)

This tbh

Boxing was supposed to be the knockback fighting style, and that doesn’t work, so they keep trying to make it the fast fighting style which also doesn’t work because thermo fits that role better

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Magic: Explosion. I’ve said my distaste for Explosion for a while now and although I have sorta warmed up to it I still think it’s unnecessary as we do have fire as the combustion magic.

Fighting Style: Iron Leg. Just cause I preferred it when it was called Crane Style in the trello. I want karate to come soon or something.

Weapon: Trident. Straightup copypaste of Spears

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I like iron leg more than crane style tbh. The only notable thing about crane style was that you just used your legs, and that’s it

Magic: Glass, its just crystal but transparent and way less cool, literally no reason to exist


Weapon: kai’s saber or whatever its called, kai should be an enforcer aka a guy that u fucking run from, not try to kill 847 times for an edgy sword that has a rare chance of dropping

i could’ve said merlot’s stuff but meh

sailor fist would be infinitely better if they returned the fucking
random hitboxes

actually fuck kai’s saber, dual flintlocks shouldnt exist, they share the same skills as the flintlock: a fast grab and a small hitbox that deals alot of damage,

replace them with a blunderbuss or smth that deals a shit ton of damage up close but is weaker far, and move rapid fire to the normal flintlock idk

or remove the normal flintlock and keep the dual one, and turn the normal flintlock into a blunderbuss instead