You guys are weird

why do you have an obsession with characters drawn with cat ears? why are you so weird? have you ever wondered why you get bullied and have no friends? its probably because of your unhealthy obsession with femtex and arcane odyssey characters drawn with cat ears. secondly, why do you smell so bad? do you even bother to shower? do you even use deodorant? perfume? cologne? lotion? anyways the end

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Bro read my thoughts exactly :skull_and_crossbones:

I don’t.

you do

I don’t like cat ears

well maybe youuuu stink

what if they like drawing it just for fun



they still drew it


and?? whats the problem with it its just some silly cat ears

honestly the joke has overstayed its welcome
the forums have been doing this since before WoM’s halloween update.

we’ve GOT to get some new material in here.


Shit he mentioned my entire personality

fall back

yea ive been distancing myself from the forums for a little while now bc some of these people r hella odd

nothing wrong with the cat ears themselves, its just how people react to it :shrimp:

whenever I see cat-ears the first thing I wanna do it scream into them bro (not at an actual cat) :sob:
easiest 1v1 irl

Yeah, I don’t get what is wrong with the forums.

Also, liking cat ears? Haha, me? No, of course not!!! It doesn’t even interest me on a much more normal level; not at al!!!

i aint understanding peoples reaction no more lmao

why does it upset them?? is it weird?? is it out of place?? what even is the reason like

yeah who even likes cat ears smh