You guys think the queen's strong?

has someone checked the curse power level on ravenna bc its strange how the kingdom that proved winterveil wrong about curses only has 2

You wouldnt say the same about theos

exception to the rule, he’s “as strong as a curse user”

if you had a curse or magic/fs then you wouldn’t need 20 layers of titanium arcanium. ie, calvus, who got ass beat by an apprentice

Unless you are as smug as a curse user im sure no sane fighter wouldnt use an armor

probably dwindled in curse power since ceaser time

shouldve warmongered harder

it would be ironic if wotan jr gives them the same treatment

thats captain khalida

ravennas curse power is 2 stars, but they have lost all the powerful ones like apocalypse bringer

Queen Nilah would be stronger than or relative to old Theos if she is a combatant. Vetex implied that the weaker rulers probably aside from Calvus are relative to the strongest FS / Weapon users.

For reference, old Theos during the events of AA has been stated to be top 10 - 20 in the seven seas. If we include the entire AU and a more fleshed out War Seas storyline with more powerful FS and weapon users, he would’ve been ranked lower.

Theos prime (when he fought durza) is the strongest (non curse user) and best character in the AU, it’s as shrimple as that :smile:

I was talking about old Theos

I am aware