You have a generator that makes unlimited amounts of one object of your choosing, what do you make?

So let’s say one day you wake up one morning to see this rectangular hunk of metal sitting in your bedroom. It has a display and keyboard, along with an open space at the bottom around as big as a single drawer. The following instructions are on the display:

  • Type the name of an object with the keyboard and the generator will automatically commence making it.
  • Be as precise as you can with what you want to make. Ex: simply typing in “money” will generate random currencies in random amounts. You have to type in “$20 US bills” or “€50 bills.” (All the currency and irregular symbols are provided on the keyboard).
  • Your choice cannot be reversed and will always generate this one item until the end of time or if the machine is destroyed. Choose wisely.
  • Every 24 hours, the empty space at the bottom will fill to the brim with whatever you chose. Generation will halt if there is no space available.
  • Your item must be as large as or smaller than the space. No Lamborghinis.
  • Your item must not be fictional. No Netherite Armor.
  • You do not need to feed the generator any fuel.
  • Your item must not be a living organism. It can be organic, though.

Choose very wisely, as too much of a good thing will always result in something bad. If you have too much money, everybody will get suspicious and the law enforcement may pay a visit to your house. If you have too much food, you’re gonna have to give it away/consume it quickly before it rots or spoils.

Or you can give the machine away to the nearest science lab, where they’ll reverse engineer it to discover its secrets. Or sell it to the highest bidder at the auction. Or just destroy it and go on with your regular life.


when life gives you infinite lemons, make infinite lemonade

anyways, ill just let it rot somewhere in a storage

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EXACTLY 40 green apples

id make a small pocket sized generator that can generate everything without rules and more than one item


More unlimited object generators. Then solve world hunger.


So this is how the man in the math problems got his army of apples…

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a coin that can be redeemed as one bitcoin

The choice is obvious.
Have the machine generate more of its self.

Then proceed to solve all of the world’s problems with unlimited generation of everything.


19 dolla fornite card
now everyone who wants it, can have it

the rational side of me says that it should make proper and healthy food for people because I like helping people but I also want it to make unlimited amounts of $20 US Circulated currency so that I can hide the machine from the general public and feed my genshin addi- i mean my family.

quetzalcoatlus eggs


I change my mind I want an infinite random beyblade generator, but they can only generate beys from the metal saga



beyblade beyblade let it rip

anyways id prolly just make more infini-generators to satiate my hunger for power and/or car addiction

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A book that has all the essential knowledge I need.


10 dollar us bills yes.

monies. knowledge bad

That would be counterfeiting though.