You suddenly become a coding, design, art, writing, music, and gaming god with infinite time on your hand with the opportunity to make one videogame, what is your game?

very long title is self expalnitory, you suddenly become a god at basically every “videogame art” and get basically an infinite amount of time to make one videogame and get to make one videogame, what is the premise, what is the gameplay like, what is the “plot”, what is the genre, and etc.

probably a platformer

with robots

Could be funny to implement that story I made once into a game

Omg just like sonic :scream: :scream:

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i’d probably make some sort of magic game like elemental battlegrounds but better balanced and more modern with a lot more stuff added to it

also i’d be interested in making a turn based card game which i attempted to make in real life

A game inspired by a story I once built. An RPG, probably open world. The map would be elden ring inspired, with the storytelling being a mix of Elden Ring and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Power system would be slightly AO inspired in the sense that diff classes would have “awakenings” they would go through. I’d want it to be the type of story where you feel as if you’re getting more powerful as the game goes on, culminating in an epic battle against the final boss and his army.

An extremely abridged premise of the game travelling through different kingdoms to gather allies against an evil authoritarian and his army (yes I know, the biggest cliche). But I’d want to fill the world with amazing lore to discover and engaging characters, and have you make choices with real weight to them. I’d like the options you make to branch out into many different paths that affect how the climax of the story builds up.

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jump rope simulator
everything in the world cant stop me from being lazy

Now with infinite resources? Use it to make a bunch of gimic games and overglorified tech demos and give away the code.

i will not make game

i will become a chibi artist

I would make a game where you live in a world where there is magic( idk what the magic system would be) but humans are also very technologically advanced so it’s like sci fi but people have magic. There would be a storyline too.

Something similar to Arcane Odyssey, but in the future. Maybe in one of my universes. Infinite time on my hands, i’m assuming, makes me immortal, therefore eventually I will make the best game on Roblox.

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An open world, taking its power form the very imagination of the players. Infinite possibility, an entirely new universe within the universe that could be freely manipulated by the players. PvP enable button is there btw.

well im already going down the art path but if I mastered all of it…

Probably either project blue rock, a modern rpg set in 2065 earth.


a game about gore and mayhem.


OH HELL YES I like this thread.

I always wanted an open-world survival PvE zombies game, like Days Gone. I’ll have it similar to Tarkov except there’s no PvP (I aint letting sweats take over my game) and guns and stuff will be diverse but rare to get. It’s not gonna be a classic CoD shooter where you go around with infinite stamina and a machine gun with 300 rounds in it, I want to make loot as scarce as Decaying Winter. You’ll have to go out there and actually pick the darn bullets off the ground.

I’ll have vendors in safezones where you can use brass (spent bullet casings) as currency. Want a fancy new Gen 5 Glock 19? Fork over some spent 5.56, buddy.

And its not gonna be boring and repetitive missions like in Days Gone either. In addition to clearing out hordes and delivering random junk, I’ll have stuff like shootouts with the military who’s coming to mow all the scavs down, blowing up bridges to prevent zombies from crossing, and more.

Most likely a co-op multiplayer. But I suck at everything listed in the title so it’s all just gonna be in my dreams forever.

Recreate the entire roblox platform from scratch except better in every way.

The concept is great, its mostly who its being run by.


Ha, this brings back memories
Back when I was in 4th and 5th grade when booga booga was still popular and not broken(I am going into 10th now)
I had this idea for a game similar to it with better PvP and progression, and there would be like different “ages” like Stone Age, Bronze Age etc, and once you got a certain progression you’d go to a different “world” representing the advancement.(like settlements after unlocking farming or cities after planes/trains). This could have either been like a first person type game like booga booga or a civilization builder type game

The most detailed game possible, its got everything. Magic, Crazy weapons, unique character customization, each player able to create their own entirely unique way of fighting in an expansive open world with thousands of different enemies.

I will make this game purely to overwhelm people and make them suffer to get everything. No other reason.