You travel back in time and revert back to your 5-year-old self, except you retain all the knowledge you have already. What will you do differently?

So let’s say you’re back in the 2000’s or 2010’s. You’re attending your elementary school and immense waves of nostalgia hit you hard. You see childhood friends, teachers, and that one area on the playground that you always spent your time on. Except you now possess the brain of a mid-to-late teenager.

Shock everybody by doing pre-calculus or advanced algebra. Win every argument against anyone who dares challenge you to one, or make that one life choice that you always regretted not making. Hindsight is your strongest companion on this one.

Or you can do bogus things like tell the future. “In 2020 we’ll undergo a massive pandemic,” “In 2013 two men will carry out a terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon,” although people may find this difficult to believe.

Rocket your way up the education system by skipping grades and thus have more years in your life to actually doing something fun, go down a completely different career path, or experiment with a new lifestyle such as that of a criminal or running-away-from-home-and-adventuring-out-by-yourself-just-like-that-guy-from-My-Side-of-the-Mountain (although I don’t condone it, obviously).


Break the spacetime continuum accidentally probably and have my atoms be deleted from existence


Create AA before vetex (and make it FE compatible)

Probably going to go with the fairly mainstream answer of telling my parents, friends and also taking the initiative to invest into Bitcoin, and other companies/stocks that went huge from 2019 to now.

I wouldn’t skip a couple of grades as many friends I made in elementary I’m still very close friends with today. Instead I’ll just use the knowledge to make school easy, and spend my time into other things and developing my skills and knowledge further. Of course, I’ll make sure I don’t redo a couple of grave mistakes I regret.

I’ll try not to change too much, especially until I get to America, but I’ll def make choices I missed out in Middle School and hang out with my old high school friends until then

get like 100,000 bitcoin
rocket my way up the education system and become a math wizard
become a crazy one piece prophet who predicts literally everything
play minecraft

Mans really using Reddit prompts to make the forum less stales :skull:

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This was a copy and paste?

So, so many things. Too many to list and I gotta get back to work. So the world may never know.

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I’d be less retarded sounding ( autism), I would make a condom joke bc there was a used condom at the school.

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Try my best to reap the most out of the “early” days of the internet and my youth, and to minimize all fuck-ups I do.

actually thats real smart, my family could’ve been hella wealthy if my dad trusted bitcoin when it first released

starting roblox early, predict the future, possibly bitcoin

For me personally I wouldn’t even share an inch of knowledge that goes out of the boundary of what a 5 year old knows. It’s better to stay low than to gather a bunch of attention and now the world is wondering how you are the way you are at only 5.

deal with it

epic reddit copy pasting

Attempt to sock all the mfs I met before

restart those 5 years

bro literally i was thinking of this the other day lol
but i would predict everything that happens like vovid and stuff like that also try to fix alot of errors i made