Your average AO rant post

I have so many bones to pick rn.

Trading, economy:
I gotta say it, the economy is ass. It’s full of greedy assholes who jack up the price and require overpay. The more updates Vetex makes the more the economy goes to shit, new rare item? Boom look at the market burn in hell. I’ve personally dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to trading since potions and jewelcrafting but I have a friend who’s actively still in the trading community who can vouch for the unfair prices. I think this is also because of just updates in general, 10k for 50 notebooks?? What the actual fuck?? is this what we’ve come to? I’m just frustrated that this and the below points, push people away from AO.

Major point here, anyone remember WOM? I have so many memories from WOM, despite its simplicity, it’s a game I always came back to, it was fun to mess around and meet new people. I don’t feel that anymore in AO, if I see a person, I run in the other direction. I rarely find people who just wanna fish and do random shit, and I feel like this was majority rammed up by the original renown system which encouraged people to hunt others. And it was fixed way too late, which on another note- why the hell would you tie a key feature, deckhands to a PVP centered feature? Yes, you could farm rivals for fame or bounty but why would you when you could get so much renown for killing other players if you have a semblance of PVP skill. And the community, ho boy- look at Noble Phanstam. Just look for a second, its just repeating the cycle, using clearsight V to look past the fog and steal someone’s sealed chests, it’s not against AO’s rules but that doesn’t make you any less of a dickhead. The cycle of toxicity repeats itself over and over, and it’ll never leave.

Broken game/lag:
The full week where boats just wouldn’t spawn, your boat flings when attacking a whale, your boat flings when in the dark sea actively doing a run. Your boat is a vital part of game play, and if that shit is broken, a good amount of AO is. Vetex stop cooking while your game is burning. Also, Another point people complain about is the lag/ping. The ping is roblox’s shit servers fault, not Vetex, if you’re gonna get pissed at Vetex for something, make it reasonable. Vetex hire more helpers for the love of god, or even get volunteers to help out, and pick people who will do your job, not your friends.

I understand the huge task of balancing AO, there’s so many features and actions that interact with each other. But actually balance the game, the discord looks like- “BUFF THIS” “NERF THIS” which is entirely community fault but the balance team is supposed to balance the whole game, not just PVP, the balance changes affect PVE as well, for better or for worse. look what they did to my boy, look at Thermofist, what happened? Oh wait- the fucking balance team happened, along with that, there needs to be more testing of feature before they come out or we’ll get a repeat of pulsar and surge.

PVP vs. PVE:
Vetex, pick a fucking side, don’t try and satisfy both. The Toxic shit PVPhead’s? Or the casuals? Choose. A. Side. Its nearly impossible to satisfy both, AO is an adventure exploration game; with a vast story, where’s the line here?

Personal feelings about AO:
(These are just jumbled thoughts I put together in closing.)

AO isn’t fun anymore, it feels like a fucking chore. I don’t feel the motivation to play, when I “have” to upgrade deckhands, and “have” to do this and that AO doesn’t feel enjoyable, and after 400+ hours the burnout got to me, and it was a long time coming.

My love for AO started to die for a while, and the combination with school, work and home, i dont need another set of chores to do. And it really saddens me, ive been following since the 4th open test for WOM and I cant wait to see the future of AO, but as of the game right now, I can’t see a good future for the game.

Idk if I’m just nostalgic but this is how I feel, I’m not gonna return to playing AO for a while.

And my apologies go out to, if I get any information wrong, along with grammar, I’m fed up and angry, I’m going off on a whim and what I know/have been told.


the toxicity is real… i was level 89 or something on shell island and this lvl 125 beat the shit outta me but he gave me 750 galleons


Toxic gentleman


Agree with you so much. Of course some things are very hard for Vetex to fix, be it due to money or time constraints, but things like just getting volunteers to help? Not sitting on the fence for pvp vs pve? These can be easily solved if Vetex didn’t just have his friends, who have clear biases, to balance and control his game.

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maybe wind would finally get a buff

Exact same thing happened to me, only it was on Sandfall, and the dude gave me no galleons.

today someone tried to scam me 5 whale blubber for 200 gal

so true, so relatable

casually swims from ravenna to redwake/uses the max knockback & intensity wind mage taxi

i say do PvE first (i swear i cant pvp) and then when theyre satisfied do pvp


i agree but the whole burnout may be due to the fact you have sunken 400+ hours into an unfinished game with limited content (youve probably literally done everything there is to do lmao)


fuck teaming, I’m a LB player, and I did the choice to not be a metamancer, result? I got SIX v 1 today and lost over 60k Renown (they even said ez) and I lost another 60k since the optimization is so bad that I had 4k ping (textures wouldn’t load) and I crashed too a fodder hunting me (I had 60 ping in Deepwoken 5 minutes earlier)


Most of my time is spent hanging around w/ friends and chilling around, so I still have a good amount of things I could do, just don’t have the motivation to do them. Sidenote, i thought I would get a lot more push back on this post but im mildly surprised.

but i do agree about the whole pvp and pve thing (fuck pvpers man they need to go touch some grass) but the rest vetex doesnt really have control over. he himself said he doesnt do the balancing, and the community is mostly responsible for toxicity and bad economy so idk how thats gonna be fixed any time soon

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Me when an unfinished game is unfinished :OOOOOO. Anyway, here’s my opinion on this rant post.

I never actually interacted with the trading community so I don’t have any qualifications to talk about it but eh, it’s not a requirement to trade with other people because it’s not very difficult to get the things you want by grinding yourself anyway. If you have a problem with unfair prices then it’s easier to just grind for it instead.

Toxicity? Well, there’s some level of it and I have personally experienced some of it. But anyway, it’s not like everybody is going to kill you the moment they see you so I’m going to guess it’s your problem for thinking like that because I see other people all the time and most of them are pretty chill including the people who’re hunting players for fame. Might be because of my luck or something that I never experienced much toxicity like others have implied.

As for the community, I’ll say they’re at least more chill than other communities that I know of. Might be because I never interacted with the community that much so I don’t really have any issues. The part about somebody using clearsight potion and stealing someone’s sealed chests feels like the exception more than the norms lol.

Broken game/lag:
I do agree that lag/ping is a pretty big problem. I don’t even know it’s possible for a Roblox game to mess up so hard that there are so many memory leaks from just about everywhere. But as for boat flinging? I don’t think it ever happened to me in like 100 hours of my playtime so this might be “you problem” more than anything else.

I do agree with you. Like, I can tell that balancing is a big mess from the start to now and many mechanics are unbalanced. Guns, dark sea mechanics (lightning/water poisoning), substat scaling (attack size, attack speed, etc.), vitality stat, etc. And yes, they really need to spend more time balancing lol.

PVP vs. PVE:
The fact that PvP and PvE are so closely tied together makes it nearly impossible to satisfy both like you just said, so I’ll say do PvE first because currently, PvP is something you opt into more than anything so there’s less priority to make PvP better tbh.

Personal feelings about AO:
I’ll say that taking a break really helps like what you just did. Maybe come back when you decide you want to play this game but don’t force yourself into doing so. However, the part about not being able to see a good future for the game isn’t something that I can agree with due to my own opinions which I’m not going to elaborate on.

In conclusion, the rant post got many things right though a little exaggerated from what I have seen. This is just my opinion on this rant post so If I sound like a crazy person rambling nonsense then I apologize.



“im a LB player, and i did the choice to not be a metamancer” rookie mistake there buddy

probably, but I must be loyal to my OC :3

this is way too funny :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

It’s doesn’t matter if it’s not finished, the game still has its issues, bugs and all, and Vetex is focusing on Nimbus sea while his game still has these issues, you can’t keep adding to a shit product and just because it isn’t “finished” take away from any criticism.



Calling AO a “s$&@ product” is somewhat unwarranted. Flawed as it is, it’s not that bad. I will whine about the FS cone, the forced PVP, and the horseplop that is the Dark Sea’s weather every day, but those aren’t exactly game breaking.

Besides, the game does need to go somewhere—we can’t just stay in the Bronze Sea forever. If Vetex keeps it here for too long, players can and will lose interest, as new mechanics just won’t be enough to keep everyone engaged.