Your thoughts on enchanting

  • I do not care if enchanting is changed or not.
  • Enchanting should not be changed. Re-enchanting and disenchanting should not be added, and all the enchanted stats are good and balanced.
  • Enchanting should undergo a few stat changes. Re-enchanting and disenchanting should not be added.
  • Enchanting should have re-enchanting and/or disenchanting, but no stat changes.
  • Enchanting should be changed in both stat changes and having the ability to re-enchant/disenchant.

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Last update: August 9th
Out of 64 (81%) (64/79) people who cares if enchanting will or will not be changed
58% would like to see a stat change (37/64)
61% would like to see the ability to re-enchant or disenchant (39/64)

i think enchanting should be somehow changed, it would be pretty lame if you managed to get a 1/100000 item (just for example) and got forceful after enchanting it

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or make all enchants equally powerful :e

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I don’t know how we can balance knockback/forceful. It just makes your target harder to hit in most battlefields.

Well I guess forceful can definitely be good when used right, but you can’t just add it to any set and play like you did before (if the effect is at least noticeable).

Maybe forceful could be reworked into something that can briefly stun people, or make the environment more dangerous for people to push each other into.

Lets be honest here:
Some enchants are useless and always will be useless unless their entire purpose is changed.
Specifically forceful for anybody who isn’t wind and the destructive enchant.

Why would anybody want either of these?
I would be fine with magic-specific enchantments, but these two have no reason what-so-ever to exist other than to make the chances of getting enchants you actually want lower.

Forceful might be fun for situations such as fighting in a volcano or to run away, and destructive for the fun of destroying things, they’re useless pvp wise but still

Destructive is useless because by level 5000, poison users will be able to 1 shot large structures (we’re already getting to that point at level 80)
Forceful is useless because it only benefits wind.
Every other enchant has some kind of universal benefit.

It gives magics knockback that didn’t exist before for forceful. And at level 5000 there’s gonna be stuff with higher durability, say a metal fortress that would be fun to destroy

I agree to make them not enchants tho, maybe something you can add on to an enchant

The silent tower is supposed to be the magic council’s biggest prison and it gets knocked over by somebody with a relatively high destruction stat like dominos.
There’s magics that you would specifically not want to have knockback on, such as poison and ash.
They’re just there to have a larger enchant pool and a 25% chance of destroying your item’s value.

Like items that increase something’s knockback/destruction and once you use an item on an accessory for knockback/destruction you can’t use it on the same thing anymore

And silent tower isn’t the biggest prison, it’s an existing prison among many

It’s the biggest prison rn only

If you talk to the guards in the silent tower, they will bring up that it is infact the biggest prison for the most notorious criminals.

If it’s the biggest prison, it’s durability needs a buff, maybe Vetex will buff structure durability along with the MC

The enchanting section sums up how i think of enchanting.
To simplify it, disenchanting and stat changes are needed badly.

However, vetex says no to re-enchanting and the likes because it would make “the best gear too easy to get” even though the items theirselves should be the hard part, not the part where you customize said items.

Ya we need re-enchanting maybe it ups the cost by 50% each time you re-enchant