Zephyr's Magic Tierlist

I feel like it’s about time I hop on the trend and do one of these.
Feel free to roast me if you want.

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I’d say that this is a pretty okay list besides the placement of light because I’m biased, wood, and sand

Crystal got varients doe

I agree with all of these

Damn F for Crystal

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i think explosion should be inbetween sand and wood

you made your wife sad


I can safely agree with practically everything here.

Exceptions are Explosion and Earth. Earth should be B while Explosion is currently A. Just my opinion. Others are fine.


Explosion and Earth kinda got treated a little unfair, id say A or B for em
Rest i can agree

Bro you can’t just do light magic users like that

Blinding effects with rapid fire attacks are insane on real players

How are these people agreeing to B tier wood?
Wood is shit

More confused on why nobodies mentioning lightning being S tier. Like it’s not bad but it’s not a meta

Na it’s pretty good, probs high A tier at the least

This tierlist ain’t that bad. But I feel as if acid should be B tier tbh. Also get wood down to crystal. please

Mhm it’s a good magic but not on the scale of shadow wind and water

Arguably is but that’s only because our high jumps are bugged and you can go to the moon with 100% jumps, no lightning main is close ranging

where is gold?

glass in b tier :sleeper:

ao magics only, that means no gold, paper, and ink