A story(ies)

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Realizing he cant respawn a docked ship, he tries to leave and rejoin the game, but the System wont let him, so he did the only think he could, he said: “Escape, R, Enter.”

and just like that, he had reset character, and respawned at Redwake, with a Pulsar scroll in his left hand.

suddenly, a bunch of messages started appearing in his inbox, when he went to check it, it was a trade request that came from a group of mages, conjurers, paladins and warlocks

Suddenly, appears a man in a sleeveless black button-up shirt and black pants, a long red scarf wrapped around his neck. He approaches Azuron with his body language telling the poor guy to run.

As he gets close, he suddenly unfolds a piece of paper. He shows it to Azuron, which the paper contains the picture of Azuron, including his deeds and feats, with a bounty of 22,000 Galleons.
“Have you seen this person?” Asked the strange man, his other hand now holding a Poison Tooth Dagger.

“Oh yeah, I know him, he’s me.”

Then, he gets deported to frostmill island by the redwake CIA. Then he meets his probation officer called “Mayor Owin”

He walks up to the mayor he ask “where are we?”

“There’s no time for that” says the mayor. “The island is melting and we need someone to help deal with whoever is causing this”.
So he looked all over Frostmill to find the problem… until he saw a buring banner on the ground.

(this is fun! please continue the story.)

the burning Ravenna banner spreads the fire to the flammable buildings, quickly engulfing the entire town in flames and burning everyone to a crisp whilst trying to escape Iris, including Azuron

he glitches through every single possible spawn point in game, eventually respawning at Redwake.

Relieved that he survived the catastrophic meltdown of Frostmill, Azuron takes a rest at the Red Fin.
However, he senses an armada of Navy Ships navigating through the Jaws, and realizes that he has violated the law by escaping probation.
He fends off the first fleet, but sees 15 Heavy Frigates coming in as reinforcements, which raid the island of Redwake, searching for Azuron. They capture innocent civilians, threaten the chief, and confiscate weapons in supplies to try and acquire information about Azuron. They eventually reach the Red Fin, Azuron’s hiding spot, and start investigating…

“I’m actually on top one of the spires.”
Azuron said, and somehow, luckily, all of the Navy marines immediately started to climb the Jaws’ spires, giving him a opportunity to escape.

“What da hail, why are you so fast?” a marine said, with another one saying “You are so fast, you make lightning strikes look like a snail.”




I don’t care if you can’t afford it

Said Azuron, to a voice in the sea breeze.

Then, Azuron decided to 1v1 a crystal iron leg user for money. (uh oh)

The Crystal Iron Leg user proceeded to do a rushdown on Azuron, knocking him down to the ground. The Crystal Iron Leg user would follow it up with a smash that devastated Azuron’s health, and knocked him into the air. The Crystal Iron Leg user would end the combo with a shot that finished off Azuron, causing him to lose 5000 Renown and making him respawn.

the crystal iron leg user revealed itself to be none other than your average spawn-killer, bounty-hunting Azuron untill he is at 0 fame

“Live fish reaction” Azuron puts into ‘chat’, the thing the ever larger void in his head told him exists.

Bro tf