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This post exists solely to for me to add more polls to the AO Combat Poll
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What is the most enjoyable bossfight in current AO?
  • Shura
  • Iris
  • Elius
  • Argos
  • Carina
  • Calvus
  • Maria
  • Kai
  • Merlot
  • Cernyx
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As long as nobody says merlot or maria im happy. Also cernyx is missing but i doubt anyone would vote for him tbh

edit: oh mb i misread your comment in the other topic with the link


Merlot would be fun if you didnt have to fight him in a small mountainous island… Where poison magic is key.

can you not just edit to add more polls (and ideally say in a reply that more polls were added). its not gonna reset the votes or anything so long as you dont change the existing polls
like its a forum i think its a lost cause to expect nobody to comment there, plus its way less annoying to answer from the start if they are all at the same place

[insert deleted poll tests]

no I tried that before, it wipes the data off of every other poll.

specifically, the edits I have attempted before were:
1: Adding new polls (wiped every poll)
2: Adding a new option to one poll (wiped every poll)

I personally like Maria’s fight but she’s by far not the most fun. Merlot is nope nevermind I’m dead now. Iris gets stuck. Calvus is fun once you get used to it but the grab still causes me some pain. I couldn’t find Cernyx to comment on him. Carina just ran away from the fight. Shura is a W boss but a bit to simple. Elius won’t let me forget getting stuck beneath the floor as he spear throws into sword rush into heal. I’ve barely fought Kai just because I always get jumped by other enemies and can never get to him without another Captain on my tail - especially as my bad rep builds are severely underpowered. Argos can be cheesed, Argos isn’t the strongest. Argos however will make you feel like a god when you parry his slam attacks and other than his slightly underpowered nature has some great skills.

well havent had an issue adding a poll in this test, and its not possible to edit polls 5 min after posting them (editing one before 5 min wiped the poll that was edited as expected, but the others were fine)
but anyway i get why you wouldnt want to risk it so ill shut up now

none, i unlike all bosses

Elius is fun when you get his pattern down

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It’s a great boss when you are decently good at combat. You have lightning crackling, a thunderstorm raging, and of course eliuses flashy moves.

Calvus is most enjoyable for me because its challenging, and in a good way, being the final boss of the Bronze Sea it requires you to put in everything you’ve learnt from the journey.

Argos is fair, he stays grounded and doesn’t do any bullshit but Maria… She’s a bitch