After so long time , how is now your AO experience

Since a lot of users was waitinh for AO release , theres already a very good time after the relese , how looks like now your experience? , how you feel , opinios etc

I will prefery players with 100 hours or more , but if you are lower than this , its ok you can talk to


AO was… ok.

I know vetex can’t release updates monthly but from what I seen, the pvp community is taking control of every update. Nerfs, Buffs, Balencing. Probably gonna drop AO after the next update because of the pvp mobility skill change.
(combined total of 300-400 hours btw)

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Ao was good , now is still good , but I don’t feel i want play everyime , but at same time i want

The problam of ao is , players want more power every time , if you cant have more power you just will farm to get something , and when theres no more power and something to get , the game feel strange, like you just want to play to be nostalgic or something like , obvius , its ok vetex take so long to release an update , he just one person , I have 300/400 hours too , when whe like something , we play most you can to get all the fun etc you can have , but after the end of an update , you will want more , but will need wait to more , that the roblox worst fault is , everything need to be fast

it’s a great game, i like the magic so i’ve made files to use my most and least favourite ones which brought some replayability to it

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I absolutely love this game, i have 260~ hours on my main file and i dont see any stopping soon.

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The only game I was looking forward to in this godforsaken platform back when it was in development. Couldn’t enjoy deepwoken because of ping but I enjoyed ao compared to the other slops available on roblox


We are really seeing the drawbacks of not having a full team of developers. More cooks would spoil the broth, but it would be so much quicker.

Vetex should really try to get help from the contributors a lot more. They did a bunch in the last update, but I fear he tries to tackle the biggest, most complex, and time consuming parts of the project on his own. He works way too hard and I’m afraid he’s going to be completely burned out by the end of the year.


AO has been an extremely enjoyable series. I’ve repeated and made 5+ maxed out characters by now, but nothing will ever come close to the experience I had with the first file I’ve completed.

  • Repeatedly dying to Elius atleast 6 times before some max level happened to stop by to help
  • Explored and did treasure charts during sailors lodge
  • Actually beat Argos on the second try (The most fair boss fight in game, feels satisfying to defeat)
  • More exploring, everything was a new experience.
  • Raging at calvus as I attempted to beat him over the course of 3 days (Finally got lucky with his move pattern where he just spammed huge pillar and the orb)
  • Awakening quest was actually really special to me the first time since we got to revisit all the places I had in the journey
  • Struggling to get an Elm Island chart for Explorer
  • Then finally completing Bronze Sea Explorer
  • Also lots of PVP with @ImaLettuce and others

For the other files, the tiny little details that came up each run made it bearable to run through the story again. But by the 3rd new save I was starting to feel that I was running through the story just to try a new build. Then each time I’d go and run face first into the level restrictions of each boss. If possible, it’d be nice to lower or remove those restrictions if you have a maxed file already, as that’s what I’ve noticed I spent the most time doing.

As for endgame content, gem crafting and potions are a nice touch. I found gem crafting quite hard to do during the story, only really having the time to grind for gems after completing the story. Potions were really useful during the start and mid game as I mainly used revealing potions for chests and loot. It was just a bit hard to consistently stock up on shore items during early game unless you went out of your way onto wilderness islands.

End note: AO is not a perfect game at the moment, But it certainly continues to get there with each update that Vetex adds. From Underwater, Potions, Gems, Balance changes, to the Dark seas, AO will continue to grow.


its pretty good with all the updates so far, but there is more to come!

its nice…
i just dont wanna get hunted but its part of the game

…oh yeah vitality, it should probablu do something better.

Pvp is biggest trash I saw in this game.

Also i got like 180 hours

(I was on server fill of Iris simps once)

It is a fantastic game that far exceeds 99% of the games on the main page in almost every aspect. It is of course still unfinished and does have some issues but it is still by far my favourite game on the platform.

It’s great, it’s just, cargo is an absoloute pain. A few days ago, I lost 3000 galleons during an irl thunderstorm. Ive made all of my money back tho. So no need to worry. Also, the bug that makes your ship have a litteral seizure. I do understand the game is still in development though, so i dont mind.

AO is fun
some things that are not fun:
invis whirlpools
savant build shamers/haters
losing cash when youre over 1k gal
losing half your renown when you die to an assasin with contract at 10k renown


this includes but not limited to

jewel substat RNG
boss drops RNG
fishing for sunken RNG
breaking bad boulders RNG
toxic players RNG

the sheer difficulty when playing savant build
getting soft-locked and begging players for help with argos and calvus in the story
begging people for help with Dame Caesennia and Feremius Lurco fight because i was too weak to kill them
toxic players

im probably going to add more but this is all i have right now

After a total of 0 seconds of playtime in AO I can say it’s steaming aardvark vomit in quality and a bandit beater

oh god why

i mean it’s fine to stop for now lol. just come back when an update happens or whatever. just because you don’t spend all your life on AO doesn’t mean you don’t like it or don’t support vetex.

definetly don’t have enough hours lol. but from what i played it definetly already is pretty damn great (for me the best game on roblox, only other game even having a chance is deepwoken), and even still it has a lot of potential.

i made a total of 6 slots
2 male
4 female
3 of them were maxed out in what was meta during that time(mage, warlord, berserker)
all of them were lvl 125 or the max lvl

While this is true and I agree a full on dev team would be nice, you gotta remember there are actual reasons as to why there isn’t one.
I personally would like to see one now more than ever given how much is supposed to go into this game, but idk, trusting multiple other people with your entire game after you got fucked over in the past is pretty tough

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