( Alchemy Edition ) Nums's Ideas On Professions

( Alchemy Edition ) Nums's Ideas On Professions
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Yo! Before you read this suggestion; pls note that this is part of a series of suggestions that I’m making and that any specific examples given are just proofs of concepts.
By voting for this suggestion your voting for the concepts, not any exact figures so don’t worry if you find my examples to be unbalanced.

That’s all from me! Enjoy the mini essay!

Description : Members of the Alchemy profession have the ability to craft various concoctions, forage for herbs with ease & support their comrades in a plethora of situations.
If your assembling a party and find yourself without an alchemist in your midst; it’s advised that you rectify that because one should never undervalue the utility that an alchemist can provide.

Alchemy Journal

How do members of the Alchemy profession keep track of the vast knowledge that they have collected during their travels, you wonder?
They write it in their Alchemy Journal of course!

Plant Journal : Like fishmongers and their Fish Journals, as a fledgling alchemist collects new plants; they’ll unlock a section in their journal about it.
Each section contains a brief description of the plant, a picture of the plant, where it can be found & it’s uses in Alchemy.
However! Since various foods also have uses in Alchemy, food can be found in an Alchemist’s journal; though it’ll only tell ya what it’s uses are in Alchemy : )

Side Note → This means that some plants have an entry in both the Cooking Journal & the Alchemy Journal; that are identical to each other, except for the section on it’s uses.
Also the Alchemy Journal; like the Fishing Journal, isn’t exclusive to just those of the profession.

Alchemists' Stashes

Have ya ever seen an Alchemists’ Stash?
No you say!?
Come on mate, I’m sure that you’ve seen at least one of them throughout your travels!
Yes; they’re those chests with a plant symbol on them that no one can open; except for an Alchemist with the appropriate skill that is!
Novice Alchemists can open Novice stashes &
Apprentice Alchemists can open Apprentice stashes and so on.

Huh? What’s in those stashes you wonder?
Well other than plants based off of where you found it & it’s tier; only Vetex knows…

Potions & How They Work

You’ve never used a potion!?
How are you not dead yet mate?
“sighs” Here’s everything that you need to know about potions.

  1. When you enter combat; potions take longer to apply and depending on your situation,
    It’s highly advised that you avoid attempting to use them since you’ll be defenseless for at least 5 seconds.
    With that said; make sure to use your potions before you enter combat.

  2. Not all potions are created equal.
    Lower Lvl Alchemists can make make lower Lvl variants of potions while higher Lvl Alchemists can make higher Lvl variants.
    What does that mean?
    It means that the more skilled an Alchemist is, the better & longer lasting potions that they can make.

  3. Stacking tick based potions of the same type doesn’t work.
    While drinking another potion will reset the timer, the effect won’t stack.
    ( Though if the potion is of a higher tier, it will override the previous potion’s affect )

  4. Most potion affects are based on percentages, meaning they don’t affect everyone equally.
    A quick example would be that a Lesser HP potion gives 10% HP & a Greater HP potion gives 50% HP.

  5. If Vetex finds it needed, there may be a timer that limits you from using the same kind of potion back to back.
    Such as having to wait 1 minute before using another health potion.

Now here’s a list of all of the potions that I know an Alchemist can make.


Side Note → Non legendary potions have three tiers of quality, Lesser, Normal & Greater.
Which looks like this : Lesser HP Potion, HP Potion & Greater HP Potion.
Also pls note that the examples given in this section are just examples and nothing more.

Health Potion

  1. Lesser → Restore 10% HP Over A Period Of 10 Seconds
  2. Normal → Restore 25% HP Over A Period Of 10 Seconds
  3. Greater → Restore 40% HP Over A Period Of 10 Seconds

Stamina Potion

  1. Lesser → Restore 25% Stamina Over A Period Of 10 Seconds
  2. Normal → Restore 50% Stamina Over A Period Of 10 Seconds
  3. Greater → Restore 75% Stamina Over A Period Of 10 Seconds

Leap Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Jump Height For 1 Minute
  2. Normal → +25% Jump Height For 3 Minutes
  3. Greater → +50% Jump Height For 5 Minutes

Water Breathing Potion

  1. Lesser → Able To Breath Underwater For 1 Minute
  2. Normal → Able To Breath Underwater For 2 1/2 Minutes
  3. Greater → Able To Breath Underwater For 5 Minutes

Night Vision Potion

  1. Lesser → Be Able To See Clearly In The Dark For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → Be Able To See Clearly In The Dark For 6 Minutes
  3. Greater → Be Able To See Clearly In The Dark For 9 Minutes

Underwater Vision Potion

  1. Lesser → Be Able To See Clearly Underwater For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → Be Able To See Clearly Underwater For 6 Minutes
  3. Greater → Be Able To See Clearly Underwater For 9 Minutes

Agility Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Agility For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Agility For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Agility For 10 Minutes

Magic Size Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Magic Size For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Magic Size For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Magic Size For 10 Minutes

Casting Speed Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Casting Speed For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Casting Speed For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Casting Speed For 10 Minutes

Power Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Power For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Power For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Power For 10 Minutes

Strength Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Strength For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Strength For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Strength For 10 Minutes

Defense Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Defense For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Defense For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Defense For 10 Minutes

Knockback Boost Potion

  1. Lesser → +10% Knockback For 3 Minutes
  2. Normal → +15% Knockback For 5 Minutes
  3. Greater → +25% Knockback For 10 Minutes

Resistance types ( heat, poison, cold ect. )

Legendary Potions

  1. ?

Side Note → Ideally legendary potions should mainly be fun little gimmicks for higher lvl players to screw around with. Instead of game breakingly OP potions.

Progression Of An Alchemist

So now that you’ve learnt how Alchemy works and what it is; you want to know what you can expect from Alchemists you may recruit into your party?
Of course you do, knowing what your party members are capable of is always important!
Here’s a rundown of what you can expect, based off of their level.

There are 100 Lvls in the Alchemy profession; with each 20 being the start to another tier.
Each tier unlocks unique dialog, higher Lvl profession quests, the ability to open higher lvl Alchemists’ Stashes and various buffs & crafting recipes.

Side Note → Perhaps make it so that in order to craft a potion; one first has to unlock it through a consumable recipe that can be found / bought?
These recipes would only be usable by those with a certain Lvl in Alchemy.
It would also open up the possibility for legendary potions?

Novice Alchemist = Lvl 1 - 19
Lvl 1 → Unlocks the ability to open Novice Alchemists’ Stashes & the ability to craft lesser health & stamina potions.
Lvl 5 → ?
Lvl 10 → ?
Lvl 15 → ?
Apprentice Alchemist = Lvl 20 - 39
Lvl 20 → Unlocks the ability to craft lesser resistance type potions & normal health & stamina potions.
Lvl 25 → ?
Lvl 30 → ?
Lvl 35 → ?
Adept Alchemist = Lvl 40 - 59
Lvl 40 → Unlocks the ability to craft lesser stat buff type potions, the ability to craft normal resistance type potions & the ability to craft greater health & stamina potions.
Lvl 45 → ?
Lvl 50 → ?
Lvl 55 → ?
Expert Alchemist = Lvl 60 - 79
Lvl 60 → Unlocks the ability to craft normal stat buff type potions & the ability to craft greater resistance type potions.
Lvl 65 → ?
Lvl 70 → ?
Lvl 75 → ?
Master Alchemist = Lvl 80 - 100
Lvl 80 → Unlocks the ability to craft greater stat buff type potions.
Lvl 85 → ?
Lvl 90 → ?
Lvl 95 → ?
Lvl 100 → Unlocks the ability to use legendary potion recipes?
Side Note → pls note that those Lvls refer to the profession Lvl and not the player’s Lvl

Side Note → Unfortunately I don’t know enough about game balance to fill in every Lvl so here’s a couple ideas for potential buffs that could be put in them :

  1. The ability to find Alchemy ingredients easier.
  2. Potions that you make, working better on party & guild members.
  3. Getting more when you harvest Alchemy ingredients.


  1. Add a journal ( like the fish journal ) for Alchemy.
  2. Add Alchemists’ stashes which can be opened by anyone and give Alchemy ingredients depending on the stash quality & location.
  3. Implement a couple balance measures such as; making it so that people can’t spam potions in combat, can’t stack lesser potions to get full immunity to status affects & making most potions % based so that they stay relevant throughout the game.
  4. Add a bunch of potions
  5. Have it so that there are 100 Lvls in the Alchemy profession, with each 5 Lvls unlocking side buffs such as potions being more effective on party members & guild members & getting more ingredients when collecting Alchemy related ingredients.
    And have it so that each 20 lvls unlocks new potions, higher quality versions of previously unlocked potions & unique dialog.


Thus concludes this suggestion; as per usual I’m open to constructive feedback, in the reply section down below.

I will restate what I said before: I really love this, but I doubt Vetex would put all the effort into listing things such as plants all for a simple “gimic”.

If this was a thing it would be for everyone

You mean the symbol of cannabis/weed?

Also don’t get why everyone wouldn’t be able to open a stash, if this is added everyone should be able to open it since it just has loot.

Oh thanks bro, potions were never planned to any extent, what a great suggestion.

I don’t think you suggested anything other than “their potions get better as they level up here,” but that’s hardly a suggestion and more of something guaranteed to happen.

I think <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> is a bit too blunt.

The entire suggestion I’m assuming is just the alchemy journal and a different chest which is fine but pls don’t intentionally make half of your post useless bloviation that doesn’t even talk about your suggestion.

I do like the idea of an alchemy journal tho(assuming everyone gets it instead of just alchemists), dnc about stashes

this is actually surprisingly good, fits with fishing journal too

this part seems iffy, should be anyone if its just chests with ingredients
players could trade them or whatever

god no, players would just run behind trees and use those
potions are cool and all but they can’t be too good

okay list but adding more stuff from AA like underwater vision would be good

this type of stuff is way too early to put in a suggestion honestly
love the enthusiasm and the idea of a plant journal is actually pretty sexy

I’ll concede to that point.

It’s just me throwing my ideas into the mix.

I did do that but I also suggested a potential framework for level progression & gave a couple ideas for what some of the buffs could be other than just better potions.

Thank you.

Yeah I’ll concede on that point.

Thus is why these parts exist.

hmmmm noted.

Yeah it’s definitely too early, for now it’s just to serve as an idea for the general framework for progression.

Sure, this would be fine, but number 1 and 3 is just indirectly “more potions” and number 2 is still “better potions”

I don’t think resistances should be this hyper focused. Maybe like “heat resistance”, “cold resistance”, “knockback resistance”, etc.

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There ya go.


added a TL:DR for those who don’t want to read it all.
I believe that it does a good job summarizing everything but if it doesn’t please lemme know.

I also added examples for what potion stats could look like.

You’ve put alot of effort into this suggestion!

Only parts im iffy on are the buffs every 5 levels and Alchemist stashes.

Everything else is fine but it’s too early to give a strong opinion on it

  • The journal is cool but any kind of crafting system and recipe book is expected since, well, alchemists make potions
  • The stashes are kinda random, not much to add
  • The buffs are pretty obviously coming with potions and probably require balancing (also why jump height and agility as separate potions if agility includes jump height)
  • The progression part doesn’t say much since the whole progression system for professions is already kinda unknown. Those levels don’t mean anything considering the lack of information we already have, they only show a vague idea of how you get better tiers of potions.

Overall it’s… generally what everyone expects from an alchemist job

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