All lost magics so far (from 2016)

Where did u get that those r to be lost magics?

Some of them like life and death r probs gonna be ancient and storm will probs be a lost magic maybe with gravity

its from the twitter of adventure story ill find the post give me a bit

found it

this is a list of mutations, not lost magics


This doesn’t relate to arcane odyssey as its a very different game

I mean it’s possible considering some of these mutations are lost magics like storm

This is a chart of Mutations from Arcane Adventures, for your 3rd magic. This has absolutely nothing to do with Arcane Odyssey. At all.

these are mutations from aa, the lost and ancient list for ao was deleted from the trello and can only be found from people who archived it

Very wrong

  1. This was an old mutations list for AA, we aren’t getting mutations in AO

  2. The actual old lost/ancient magics list was deleted publicly and is only available on Vet’s private trello. Only some of these magics even carried on to becoming lost/ancients, not all of them.

didnt even use this one ):

this one is much more reasonable

mud magic confirmed AO leak

Those… aren’t all lost magics… some of those are already base magics.


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i remember that tag being a different name

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oh yeah i forgot to tell you that you don’t gotta give me a sanguine anymore because i traded some calvus armor for a poison tooth

its very fun to use