AO Combat Poll (2)

is this like pve or pvp or in general cause u have another one that says pvp but idk

Originally that one was supposed to be for PvP but people got confused and thought I was talking about PvE so instead of throwing out the results and editing them I just made two more polls better labeled.

does the “only when being hunted” crowd have something to confess to us

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I’m surprised a lot of people enjoy the Mob PvE. For what’s supposed to be a prime focus of the game, NPCs feel like Mario Kart opponents: they’re dumb, but power through whether by dumb luck or the game giving it every boosts the player just can’t have. They always move to your current position when they have a movement opportunity, don’t change their strategy, and can easily be manipulated into spamming certain attacks (for better such as slow projectiles or for worse such as Flying Phoenix). Their power comes exclusively from being up to over 100 levels higher than the player as well as not having to worry at all about Energy, Stamina, and blocking/parrying.

With bosses, sure the boosts from mobs are still there, but they have pre-determined attacks that can’t be manipulated, are meant to be fought when the player is around their level, don’t always beeline for the player, and don’t spam their abilities unless they have a limited amount (i.e. Shura).

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i don’t like bounty hunting people but whenever someone shows up for a fight it makes the game a bit more interesting from the slog of just doing random shit for no real reason

makes me have to fight for something instead of just gambling and hoping for what is probably a <1% chance item

aye fair enough, gotta admit that pvp is one of the few things thats still interesting

Honestly if I enjoyed this game’s PvP, I’d be in that group.
Bounty hunting players makes me feel like garbage but if a player attacks me then I can be 100% sure that they’re willing to fight.

if he isnt outlevelling you by 120 levels or isnt landing every shot perfectly like a script kid, its actually fun, feels like fighting some kind of mirror image

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no armor is the only way to make pvp somewhat fun unless you’re just in a mini war or smth

also parry based combat is lame (minute long parry trades are so cool guys)

i would just do no armor pvp with friends and be happy enough with the pvp but the community is pretty full of lameos who hunt me with far better gear or just play really boring (trackstar across ravenna to regen once i get them low)

ar pvp will probably be my preferred option for a while i think :mariomug:

virgin run when low
chad keep fighting and comeback

The problem is that thats usually the case :sob:. But i do agree that when the npc youre fighting isnt completely unfair to fight then it pve is pretty fun

Is “Teams of players” referring to things like clan wars, ganking and 2v2s? My first impression was stuff like going out sailing with my friends and ganking my level 260 rival which is more fun than grinding solo but in PVP I hate it

So far the results are noticeably different from last time now that we’re around the same vote numbers the poll last year got.

Last year at 130 votes it was 75% PvE to 25% PvP
Now its 86% PvE to 14% PvP at 118 votes.

7% less people enjoy 1v1s and 8% less people think 1v1 combat is skillful.

13% more people think team combat isn’t skillful, despite this, 7% more people claim to enjoy team combat in one way or another.

The exact same ratio of players enjoy PvE as before.
78% saying yes all around and 6% saying no all around on both polls is crazy.

The builds, now that vitality has been added, have unsurprisingly shifted alot skewed heavily towards magic classes. (I mean this game is called Arcane Odyssey lol)

8% less people believe most builds are balanced and 11% less people believe most builds are unbalanced…
In turn a whopping 19% more players feel that every fight feels unfair.

In spite of this, 18% more people believe that builds affect the game for the better.

In comparison from before, a STAGGERING 65% more people believe that the skill floor is too high.

I wonder how these numbers will change by the time the week is over.

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As for the bossfight poll, I find it completely unsurprising that 70% of the votes are an even split of 35% between Argos and Calvus lol.

This is a really great post, it’s a perfect example of the PVE and PVP community having nice, thoughtfull discussions.

One of the few times both communities peacefully interact with each other

I feel bad that I am the only one who voted that.

I just found the high level bounties interesting since they vary a lot and found the bosses repetitive after just a few attempts.

i feel like youve yet to experience the true horror of regular npcs

There are so many answers on every question now, this is great.

The terror that is any nimbus npc