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What does “know enought” mean?

*known enough

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I would rather unnecessarily suggest a predilection by the intelligentsia to engage in the manifestation of prolix exposition through a buzzword disposition form of communication notwithstanding the availability of more comprehensible, punctiliously applicable, diminutive alternatives, sarcastically and unironically.

Blur Spell ( Lost Magic )

When the blur spell is used It will blur your character and hide your level, name, and titles.

The spell will drain 1 Magic Energy every 2 seconds. It wears off when you charge your magic or have no more energy left.

It would look like this.

idk how it would be pulled off maybe like some type of filter or effect :nod:


Soul Eater
Lore: Soul Eaters used to have a human form, taking the place of a wizard during the time where magic was casted from your soul instead of magic circles. These wizards had exhausted their soul to the point they started stealing souls from others using forbidden techniques, they had stolen enough souls to the point their body is now destroyed and is replaced by rocks resembling golems and attacking with their magic.

Level range: 200-500

Attacks: Magic Beam - The Soul Eater opens up their chest, revealing a weak point but shooting out a beam of whatever magic they use e.g Ice or Fire beams, these beams shoot out in a constant stream before they close their chests to recharge.

Loot when defeated: Soul Eaters Heart - A heart from a Soul Eater, it radiates lots of magic energy, probably from the centuries of stealing souls.

Unique Mechanic: When you die to a soul eater, they pick up your ragdoll and devour it by incinerating your body, making their level go up and regenerate health.

It looks something like this:



Boots of Hermes
Rarity: Legendary
Type: Leggings:
Level Range: 300 - MAX

Lore: These legendary boots said to be wielded by Hermes, the God of Speed. It is said to give the user to run as fast they want and run on water or walls.

Stats: 80% more running speed. Maybe more stamina.

Looks something like this

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basically just exotic boots that grant extra agility?

fluffy paws

rare weapon

description: a pair of big fluffy paws that can be used to pummel foes into the ground.

looks like giant cat paws when equipped.


left click: a basic combo punch move with a strong finisher at the end of the combo if it catches someone

Q: a lunge forwards that grabs opponents and can is followed up with a small barrage attack with a rapid “nya nya nya nya” noise

E: greatly boost your speed by running on all fours, makes cooldown for lunge attack shorter

R: slams your paws together to launch a sonic projectile that deals medium damage and disorients foes

X: user flies into the air to do a powerful divebomb with massive damage and a long cooldown

(yeah I’m really proving I’m not a furry with this one)



I labeled it as “WhatFuckingClassIsThisWeapon?”.

Based on your last two ideas Ima guess you’ve been in a God of War mood lately

This truly has been an arcane odyssey.


You are indeed… correct.

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