AO's early access features

loomid is a new one :skull: you heard of chain world yet (doodle world)

v1.4.94 card

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god damn that was long ago


jpeg land is pretty bad too

I’m not wrong though

for fucks sake LL devs I don’t want new stupid evolutions with weird ways of obtaining them or more events that just are for grinders and aren’t any fun I WANT MORE STORY CONTENT

I think the thing with creature capture games is that the more popular ones are based on roblox pokemon games which were made long ago by the same devs (pbb for loomian legacy and pokemon EX i think is what doodle world dev once was on), and while they are unique concepts and are cool, they probably will never top their original pokemon based games.

we know + this is getting offtopic


got that already

why is this still going

little did he know… :flushed:


literally bruh
i saw that and was like
“wait did i do this”


Actually lowkey Doodle World is doing pretty well, with weekly updates and a lot of community feedback

@Vetex do you still plan on adding 3rd weapon skills?

yea he probably is. Just need to get that many points in weapon skills.

i have an idea for every single weapon types 3rd skill idk if hed like to look at it

no. vetex already has every weapon skill planned I believe. At least to the 4th one.

Also its against the rules to ping vetex.

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rip me but ty


you’ll probably be okay. Its only one time. I did it once
traumatic flashback