Arcane Odyssey chest maps, with other info aswell

Hey all! So ever since Arcane Odyssey released I personally have been doing some chest maps, showing the different chest locations for the different islands in the game, as to contribute something useful to the clan I’m in, and as of lately I’ve been thinking “What if I share this with more people?” because as far as I’m aware no one else has done proper chest maps for Arcane Odyssey and it can be genuinely useful, specially ever since vetex merged all chests into the regular, silver and golden ones, making them a lot more valuable.
So here I am in the forums and I am glad to share with all of you all of these maps that I’ve been making the past few months. Not only do they have the chest locations with how many are in each location, but they also have other information like for example the jewelcrafting tables, cauldrons, cooking pots, enemy spawns, quests, the gatherable items in each island, and even some extra information which, even though may be obvious to experienced players, is probably useful for newbies.

The northern jaws

1northern jaws

The southern jaws

2southern jaws



Mango Isle

4mango isle

Dawn Island

5dawn isle

Elm Island

6elm island

Darkpine Isle


Goso Jungle

goso jungle

Frostmill Island

9frostmill mines

Thorin's Refuge

10thorins refuge


12blackwater grotto

Cirrus Island

Skycliff Island


The Myriad


Djin Ruins

16djin ruins

Limestone Key

17limestone key

Harvest Island

18harvest island

Palo Town

19palo town
20palo town cave


22silverhold interior

Whispering Caverns

23whispering caverns
24whispering caverns maze

Forest of Cernunno

Munera Garden

26munera garden

Fort Talos

28fort talos dungeons

Sailor's Lodge

29sailors lodge

Sandfall Isle


Shell Island

Akursius Keep

Probably one of the messiest ones but i didnt know how else to do it


Divided into 3 because of how many things there are

Blasted Rock/Cassia Bay

Wind-Row Island

Mount Othrys

For these I recommend you zoom in or open the original file because they’re really big

I hope you all like these as I put a lot of effort into them and I’ve really been looking forward to sharing them. (also if you’re wondering, there’s no map for stepstones as I had no idea how to actually represent it)


Amazing guides!
Thanks for creating all these detailed maps :D!

Very useful and insightful Guide.


yo, is it still a shitfest in doge nation? even with the old guy leavin?

Today i learnt that npcs can spawn in cassia bay

i’d say its not that bad now lol



for acursus you could’ve just zoom in, no need to picture all those random rocks
krazy amount of effort tho, hopefully this will get 50 likes and you get that gold badge

Nice! I’ve added this to the wiki in a trivia bit for now (Chests | Arcane Odyssey Wiki | Fandom)

Super cool! Thank you!

POV: Now all that’s left is doing it for every dark sea island

hipperty hopperty
the effort that you put into this has paid off and it now belongs in my bookmarks