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Ah kk,I’m in the navy so that checks out. Thanks for the reply!

Can somebody give me a somewhat good build for a lightning iron leg?

Im going for a balance between size, power, and defense

“Only 1 spell per [magic] can be turned into an Ultimate Art.” Does that mean a mage can have one Ultimate Art explosion for each magic, gaining two ultimate Art explosions with two different cooldowns in the future?

I think that both of a mage’s magics share cooldowns in a later update

And your second magic needs even more stat point to unlock all spells so idk if you can do ultimate on your second

I’m not a mage so idk

ultimate arts on 2nd magic are currently impossible on full mage

i was asking if it was possible in the “future” which some said yes, so double explosion ultimate art spam should be possible in the “future” and three weapon/fist ultimate art skill spam on pure builds will probably also be possible to balance the classes.