Are joke death threats punishable?

I’m wondering if a death threat is punishable if it is obvious to the receiver that it is a joke.

All of these are obviously jokes, and likely not at all harmful. However, they are technically death threats and could fall under harassment.

This is always going to be a case of Moderator Judgement™.
Short answer is no, you won’t always be punished if your post hints at a threat. If you’re obviously joking, you won’t get punished, if you’re “joking” (like some people) you might get in trouble.

I wouldn’t worry about it - you have to be pretty tonedeaf to accidentally make a serious sounding threat.


Look threatening to break people knees can only last for so long

Tell the difference between these two:

“You have a death timer of 24 hours on the clock, be ready for imminent death haha”

“Fuck you i hope you die and rot buried alive”

If you are able to tell which one is a joke threat and an actual threat one can be shrugged off and the other needs moderation action

(Bruh i just fully read the title right after typing this out my brain cant function properly)

Well I mean if they repeat the threats and they are rude about it then they probably should be stopped.