Attempt at animation

so i recently took up animating in roblox and this was one of my first attempts

feedback is appreciated, any tips for easing?


That’s really good!

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out of like for 2 hours so um take this


Try having slightly more frames at the start of the animation (raising the sword), then less frames during the active frames (swinging the sword diagonally). This will show the viewer the anticipation, then a fast reaction right after.

Easing wise try to start off a bit slow when you start the swing, then pick up speed. At a certain point, try to slow it down near the end.

The left arms motion at the second swing seems a bit odd since you’re basically pulling your arm from one side to another. Perhaps pointing more downards or up towards your face protecting it? Unsure, just feels unnatural the way it looks.

Can try some leg motions instead of keeping them joined up. Perhaps just try having them apart as a first step, and maybe an actual step forward could work.


pretty good

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Nice. I’ve been thinking of getting into animation since my brother is a developer, him and his buddy hate doing animations so it could be something I could do for them at a pretty low cost.

That and it just seems interesting at least.

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very cool! I tried animating once and it did not go well, so good job, especially for your first try.
The only criticism I have is that the legs don’t move so it’s kind weird but that is it

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i actually avoided animating the legs since they never look right to me but thanks!

ah I see, regardless, good job


man brutally murders green man
thank ya’ll for the feedback :+1:, @Inferno and @CrimsonCreate for reminding me to animate the legs :frpensive:


god fcking damnit-

take this :heart:


i don’t really know how to do this but i’ll look more into it

put more distance in the next frame so it goes quicker
i’m guessing its like that

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Good start. I’d easily say Inferno has his advice right, so trust what he said.

green man gets his revenge

yes i know it looks unpolished overall, yes the movements are weird, but at the end the keyframes was just a mess and i really didn’t wanna touch it

i guess i’m just going to focus on < 5 second animations

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no one survives!!!11!!1111


oh hell naw i ain’t going near that thing

Depending on what this is for possibly add trails to the sword(and hammer) so it’s a bit cooler or don’t idk you’re the animator here I don’t know shit

add a few more arms and you have a fcking Blaze

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