Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - Chapter V

Writer's Notes

this chapter makes me want to yell in both “how the fuck do i write whatever the fuck that’s related to this chap” and the “vetex named swampland area as the marshlands what the fuck” wise

so i just went by the “it’s a swampland but it’s named marshlands for some godforsaken reason” route (and have storyteller Gaia yell about it)

also i actually brought myself to finish this part and upload today in one go because i realized i have a homework due today and 3 homework due tomorrow (plus I’ve been procrastinating on preparing this chap during last week’s break)


- Gaia Turk

I’ve lived for one-hundred-and-something years and I still don’t get it.
The turkey-headed creator really named the swampland “The Marshlands”, huh?

How did he not know that marshes and swamps are—

Huh, I was breaking the fourth wall?
Ignore that, it won’t do shit with the story!

Oh, one last thing before we continue.
Two votes from the “both outcomes are fine” option were added to the “head to Marshlands” option.

We could head to my hometown next afterward, hehe…
(“We” as in the readers and our little puppet, Rael.)

     After Rael heard about the next quest’s details, he replied to Aurielle, “I can handle that. When are we going?”
     Aurielle looked at Rael’s bandaged face, concerned about his current state. The attack at Silent Tower just happened yesterday, and Jean already told her what did Rael get himself into.
     Moments after assessing both her students, she continued, “The sooner we arrive there, the better. Do you guys want to do anything before we leave?”
     The answers from both Jean and Rael can be summarized as deciding on the route, preparing their bags, telling family members about their next destination, and finding something to eat.

     The trio decided on traveling towards the Marshlands, and Aurielle left the house to visit the Silent Tower for a while.
     Since this quest might take days to complete, Jean only included items that may be useful for an investigation quest. Rael didn’t take too long with his bag, and spent the time writing a letter to his family, on the papers he borrowed from Jean. After the letter was done, he went outside and asked a wandering wizard to deliver his letter to Doom Village, and paid the wizard with crowns.
     After Jean packed her bag and watched Rael dealing with the wizard, she wrote and left a note for Issac in his room. She then helped Rael out with preparing some meals for their quest. Aurielle returned to the house just in time, and ate the hoagie they prepared.

     Around late morning, the trio left Bell Village.
     They passed through the forest, the volcano, and finally arrived at the swampland (that was apparently named The Marshlands). Out of the three, Jean was the only one who wasn’t used to navigating places like this. Aurielle definitely had visited this place before, and Rael had some faint memories with his family here.
     As Aurielle led her two students to their destination, she sometimes stopped to scan her surroundings, as if she was avoiding someone.
     “Ms. Aurielle?” Jean asked during one of the breaks, as Rael listened.
     “Are you looking for something?”
     Aurielle scanned around again, visibly unsettled. “Did you sense anyone following us?”
     Jean concentrated and tried to pick up any magic energy nearby, but nothing stood out. Rael looked up the trees to look for any possible disturbances, but he didn’t find anyone, like everyone else.

     After not finding anyone, Aurielle continued bringing her students further and further into the swamplands, until they arrived at a secluded camp. A silver-haired soldier noticed and approached Aurielle, and scanned her students. Jean froze as the soldier scanned her. And Rael noted that this soldier really resembled captain Levi, except Rael could actually see his purple eyes.
     Following what seemed to be minutes of scanning with the unblinking gaze of the soldier, Aurielle told him about King David. He finally blinked and let the trio enter the camp.

     The quartet arrived at a tent, and the soldier—who later introduced himself as Joseph—unfolded his Marshlands’ map. It was more of a sketch rather than a proper map, with notes and marks on Greyville area, Brigand’s Landing area, and two unnamed areas—one located at the center of the Marshlands, and one located at the southmost.
     “We sent a squad to Greyville first and we have received their updates before. But since we haven’t heard anything about them for a few days, so we sent a team to bring them back yesterday. And at today’s dawn, we’ve sent one of them to the landing, and two of them to this area,” as Joseph explained, he pointed at the unnamed area at the center for the last part.
     Then he pointed towards the one at southmost. “And at the southeast, it doesn’t seem to have any sorts of buildings, yet there were reports of people gathering there.”
     After receiving information about the four areas, both Aurielle and Jean seemed to think about where to head next.
     Joseph added as he pointed at himself, “We’re heading to the southeastern soon. Would you like to come with us?”

  • Go with Joseph to check out the unnamed area at southeastern/southmost
  • Head to Greyville to check out the missing squad
  • Head to Brigand’s Landing with a squad already there
  • Head to the unnamed area at the center with two squads already there

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Hehe, another poll! How would Rael split up with Aurielle and Jean?
  • The trio all go together
  • Rael goes with Jean, and Aurielle heads somewhere else
  • Rael goes with Aurielle, and Jean heads somewhere else
  • Everyone splits up!

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