Butterfly's Doodle Thread

Hmm, now that you mention it, something always felt off whenever I exclude backgrounds and the environment from my art and only focus on the character. If I only color the character and just leave the background blank. Which is funny because Im the least experienced when it comes to doing the background, I draw characters much more often.

I dont wanna do background, yet it always feel incomplete if I dont do it. Your explanation explains it a lot, I should probably practice them more often :thinking:

Oh yeah, I struggle with doing references and concept art a lot too, I guess Im more into dynamic art?

nah this is impossible. I don’t know who this is at all. My brain was fried trying to identify this individual.

I cant tell if this is a joke, but if it isnt, its Mei. Ghostly’s OC.

It… it was a joke.

Oh my god it’s my baby :face_holding_back_tears: I love it so much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gmskbmklbwenhw5kyira

Your style is distinct in its own way. It may look similar in some aspect, but every style is unique and distinct from another. I like how lively your art is, your sketches are really nice to look at ^^ something that i really like about your thread

Old sketch time!

This thing almost became my first art post, but uh, I didnt know that you had to submit stuff to be an artist first, so I held it off.

This was a basically lighting/color test, and I made this before Ava became a seperate character. As you’d imagine, this is basically based off the opening scene of AO.

I did this test cause uh… I wanted to make an AO comic actually… Im not sure about being able to do it now, maybe at least when AO’s story is ahead? :sweat_smile:


Did a little coloring test. With pencils. It was only the hair Im happy with, idk about the rest. (Outline looks thick, but the pen I used is actually for thin lines, the sketch was just that small, so yeah)

…I think I still prefer digital style.

Neviro cause he’s cool. He’s drawn slightly differently from the usual style, I think he’s neat

And Peacekeeper! Outfit is bound to change, but its likely itll remain similar. Idk if I should keep the name “Callum” or something else. Thoughts?


the envy is overwhelming.

Callum sounds alright.

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