Butterfly's Doodle Thread

Oh yeah, another thing, I was thinking of making a new art post of Nimbus Sea, and did a sketch.

Keyword: I MIGHT do it.

Im not sure on how to do the perspective on Morden, so he’s missing, but eh. Maybe I’ll figure it out later. Ive got another perspective idea for this, but I havent sketched that yet to compare. So yeah. Its supposed to be Ava (MC), Iris and Morden walking out to leave Windrow. Think of it like a poster.


oh my god.

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Wow, that looks great!
I feel like you can recreate this ingame with golden caped pauldrons and a large jacket!

this drip has no right being so fucking good, cook again.

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I decided to try out a different way of doing lineart, and then I ended up discovering how to make this cool glow effect on it


Tried it again on one of my other artworks and accidently created a nolstalgic photo effect.

Well, if I ever wanna do some kind of flashback scene, I guess I found a technique for it lol


Did some sketches today.

Im always indecisive on where the sash should be, right or left shoulder lmaoo

Drawing Callum again gave me an idea to draw the two’s interactions lol (this is from incorrect quotes)


I’m personally very fond of the sash lying on the RIGHT shoulder.

But that’s just me because I’m WAY too used to seeing Sergeants and Warrant Officers in Army Cadets wearing red sashes on their right shoulder (some other rank it’s a brown belt instead. But still right shoulder nonetheless).

Though, her outfit DOES look a tad bit militarish. That’s just me though. I should stop yapping.

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this pose looks so flowy and natural, I love it!!

i absolutely adore the way u draw clothing


Yeah, I agree that the sash does look very fitting on it being on the right shoulder.

Its just because of the asymmetrical hair confusing me lol. Its hard to explain, but since more of her hair is towards the right, then the sash would naturally be on a left. It creates some sort of balance I think? But I like it on the right, and she already has a golden hair piece on the left, so the sash might be put on the right.

Though, the hair piece is supposed to be temporary, she wears something else on the head later on :sweat_smile:

And yeah, you’re not wrong, she does look militarish. She’s meant to look like a “leader” with that design.


E X A C T L Y !

A military uniform commands leadership regardless of nation! (And I’m pretty sure outfits like these were worn by officers and royal family members around the 19th century, so you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say it looks like a “leader”.)

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The drip is immaculate and immense, cook again.

also for some reason her fit reminded me of the outfits of the drip of 2 French Napleonic era regiments’s officers and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, even though they look nothing like her’s.

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millions must reference the napleonic wars for no reason

Please keep drawing, your art is immaculate

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Got a question. Did you draw your old pfp?

Ye. It was my MC before I made Ava (or in the process of making Ava)

Okay, since you asked, here’s my old profile

Here’s the new one:

The new one is supposed to be my Roblox avatar. Cause I like their outfit lol

I didnt post these earlier cause… I needed a way to incorporate my name better on my art, but idk how, so I just didnt post them till now (cant be safe with the internet nowadays with you are :sob:) Ill figure it out better ig.

I might go back to the simpler style of the first one, but with my Roblox avatar instead. I liked the first one, easy to see from afar.

(OH SHOOT, I smudged the second pic with a pen, welp :joy:)


wait you did?


I was writing my username with the photo edit rather than ibis cause Im too lazy, and I didnt realized I left a long stroke on there by accident. Its above where my name is, on the hair. You can see this black line on top of it.

Dw, this is a copy and not the og photo