Butterfly's Doodle Thread

took me a good century to notice it, thanks!.

Personal opinion, I prefer the older pfp, maybe because I prefer simplicity, but both are very good :+1:

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I think I prefer the older one too, very simple and very suitable for a pfp. Its also a lot more noticeable from afar as pfps are often miniaturized, so you cant see the details that the second pic has.

I decided to change it as my old one is basically depicting an old file that I never used for AGES so yeah (also, design has changed too)… I might do another pfp with the style of the first one later.

I drew Callum (PK) again, this time with both digital and traditional (I like this method, it allows me to feel comfortable in sketching and fix mistakes that couldnt be easily done in traditional)

You know, when making Callum’s design, I was always conscientious of his armor design. Back then, I wonder if it was even practical as an armor.

I later realised while using a pic of Theos for the staff reference, Callum’s design actually resembled Theos’ outfit, and I never noticed till now cause I never payed attention to it. A really funny coincidence, yet suits the character a lot LOL

I might color and post this later.


Drew this while waiting for my flight. Im gonna be going overseas to visit family over the next month. I’ll still keep in touch with the forums ^.^

Was very nervous about flying in the last month or so, especially with the news about airplanes recently, and the fact I havent flown in a plane in 6 years, haha. Will respond back when I make it.


ooh have a nice trip to wherever you’re going! And have a safe flight!

(If you don’t mind me asking, where shall you be vacationing?)

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Philippines. Im rural tho, so I have to go to a city first. Im on the plane now (havent taken off yet, it got delayed lol)

Well, have a good trip then! be safe!

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Got off the plane, 1/3 of my flights done.

…I kinda regret putting them back to back, cause now their splendid capes block the sunset and sunrise :joy:

And I didnt even bother doing lineart and just went to coloring, lol. And even that was messy. I think the only thing thats sort of done is the background… I think.


So how was the flight? Non-chaotic?

There was some turbulance, but other than that, yeah, it was pretty normal, thank goodness.

Im still nervous about the next flights though. Still 2 to go. (Im going at 1am…)

Mainly applies to Boeing planes. They haven’t been doing well for several years; it’s just now suddenly making headlines in the news.
So, if it wasn’t made by Boeing, or is a somewhat older model, you should be fine.

if it’s an airbus, your good, if it’s a boeing, pray to whatever higher being you believe in.

I made it, but idk if it was Boeing or not lmao. Theres no way I could tell. Now I just gotta pray for my last flight. (And my return flights too :sob:)

Oh yeah, I drew this while waiting for my plane for 6 hours or so LOL (just Ava sleeping)


how I sleep at night knowing im not flying on a boeing anytime soon

Made it! Heres the last sketch I did during the trip:

Also, the plane was Airbus, so it was good (phew)


Man, its almost been a month, huh…

Its been ages since I actually drew, so I did two sketches ^^

Also, in light of the new Spirt Weap, Ava’s endgame design actually has a Eagle brooch on her sash, which I was actually considering making it her Spirit Weap at some point! What a coincidence! (Or is it…? ;3)


You know… considering how yesterday was Mother’s Day, I just had a thought about using that opportunity to… reveal Ava’s parents? :eyes:
(I was never late, shush!)

Yeah, I actually ideas for her parents!
(Who uh… may or may not be dead…)

The mom, I have a good picture of her design, but Im looking to add more to it. Idk much about the dad, though I got a good idea of his face in my head, it doesnt seem to translate well when I put it into drawing :sweat_smile:


:sob: (complete sentence)


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