Can't see what a reply is replying to

When I try to see the post that someone is replying to from the reply, it doesn’t load and it duplicates the reply like this


using the power of flex tape, i’ve stuck these two threads together

This bug seems to occur when you click on the “replying to” icon, and the post being replied to isn’t loaded (because it’s too far up). You can see it on this post (like in the screenshot):

But also on any other post that’s replying to a post ~10 posts above it in the thread. Here’s another example:

Google searches didn’t find anything on this, but it seems to have started since the latest forum update.


high score less gooo


oh, was going to post something about this but then it started working again
it was doing this yesterday as well

Can only hope discourse pushes a update for a fix.

So when someone replies to someone on the forums, there is an icon like this to show the reply they replied to

Screenshot_2021-04-08 So Is AO Gonna Have A Gacha System - Game Discussion - Arcane Odyssey(1)
but when it didn’t fully load the reply they replied to, and when the icon is like this- Screenshot_2021-04-08 So Is AO Gonna Have A Gacha System - Game Discussion - Arcane Odyssey(2)
when you click the icon like that, it duplicates it

though it’s only for the person who did this glitch and doesn’t change anything

f i x

already known, pretty sure mods cant do anything about it
just wait till it get fixed :man_shrugging:


les go

Just gonna say this bug is back

I think this bug drastically affects the economy. Idk I’m not sure.

pretty ironic that a mod just necrobumped



This isn’t a discourse bug - try the repro on any other discourse site and the bug isn’t there (here’s an example on the devforum).
Discourse isn’t going to fix it.

The bug appeared after we added the ratings and following plugins. Could we look into that?

sometimes viewing replies doesn’t work, like when I hit the replies button it just freezes