Chapter One - Arcane Academy - Humble Beginnings

Recomend reading the prolouge as this opearates on differnt cannon: Prologue - Arcane Academy - Introductions

Henry got out of the carriage when his father spoke,” Are you sure you wish to go to this time-wasting magic trick school”.

Henry sighed, “Yes, I am definitely sure”

“If you don’t have something useful by the winter, you will be thoroughly punished, young man”

“I’m sure I’ll have at least something”

His father grumbled something to himself before telling the charioteer to ride him back

Henry sighed and began walking to the grand bronze gateway. It had several gems and runes embodied in it. The gateway had a podium in front with a large crowd of people in front, all anxiously waiting for the gates to open. After about an hour passed, the gates flew open, as the High Wizard Reimond walked out of the gates with a somewhat bored expression, his golden cloak flowing behind him. As he walked up the podium, he put on a fake smile and began to speak. “Welcome students and teachers for the Grand Re-opening of the Grand Academy of the Arcane. With this year, we both welcome new faces and old ones to our great school. With this second year, I welcome my daughter into the school, who is sure to impress. Without further ado, let us begin the beginning ceremonies.” He motioned to the gates, “Onwards we go then, to a year of learning”. He then motioned to the gates, and people began to file into the wooden room on the other side as tremendous applause came from the crowd. After what seemed like hours, Henry finally managed to dash through the gates. He ended up next to a guy who probably hasn’t showered in a week and a girl around his age with short black hair. The gates slammed close as a few stragglers tried to get in. The wooden room had intricate carvings along the walls, depicting the war and the great demon. He was in the middle of looking at the carvings with the room suddenly lurched forward and began moving. Suddenly Henry began to feel as if he was moving through molasses. After several minutes passed, he began to talk to his neighbors.”So, uh what brought you to this school”

The girl replied, “Well since my father is the High Wizard and all, I kinda have to, don’t I ”

“Your father is the high wizard!?”

Just then the room stopped moving and the gates once again opened revealing the rest of the school. The grand hall stood in front of them almost looking intimidating with its size. The hall was made of silver and bronze and split into three different paths at the end, with a large tree in the middle. There appeared to be a wooden table in front with a basket containing a seemingly infinite amount of scrolls. On top of the table was an iron sign reading “Schedules and other information are contained within scrolls. Please collect one.” Henry grabbed one of the scrolls and unfurled it, on it was his name and a schedule, it appeared his first class was “Basic Magic 101” in room A12, If it already said basic, then why did it need to say 101 too?, Thought Henry as he began making his way to the class. He found himself in a standard classroom with a stern-looking teacher behind a desk. Other than the bronze plating on the desks, it appeared to be a normal classroom. People were already talking with their classmates. He sat down in a seat next to the girl he met in the elevator. “So, uh what’s the high wizard like?”

The girl sighed “ It’s probably not what you’d imagine, he’s a… bit stern”

“Must be pretty cool to be the daughter of someone famous. What’s your name anyway?”


Suddenly the teacher caused a thunderous noise the boom from her hands. “If you idiots are done talking then I have a class to teach.”

“The first spell you’ll be learning is how to conjure a flame bolt” She snapped her fingers and a small flame appeared on her fingers. “Now you may not all achieve the same result as fast as me, but with enough time and focus, you might even figure out how to throw it.” She then threw a fireball at a tower of books in the back of the classroom, burning them to ashes instantly, getting a fair amount of oohs and aahs from the class. “Now why don’t you try. Just try imaging a flame on your finger, although you won’t be able to do it with a snap” Despite the warning, a couple of jocks tried to do it anyways all failing except one, although he did need a couple of tries. “HAH! You guys will never be as good as me” bragged the rich-looking student. He had a smug look on his face, Henry faintly remembered him as Varion, a smug idiot whose family his family had once traded with. They were wealthy to be sure as evidenced by Varion’s expensive suit. Keyra grumbled and did the trick in one try, embarrassing Varion. “You think just because your the high wizard’s girl your the best, I bet you can’t do this!” he yelled before creating a small flame the size of his hand nearly torching a poor student who was looking at his flame. “Hah, I bet none of you guys had tutors who taught you that.”

Henry mumbled under his breath as he continued attempting to do the trick. The teacher didn’t look amused either, “Yes, we get it, you paid money for a tutor because you knew that your stupid brain wouldn’t be able to compare otherwise” “Your just jealous that you weren’t this good when you started. Besides, can the high wizard’s girl of all people not compare with this?”

Keyra then suddenly created a pillar of fire in her hand, scaring off some of the nearby students one of which tripped over a desk. However, soon the pillar spiraled out of control and set the roof on fire which caused the teacher to quickly fire a blast of ice at the ceiling. The shards of ice fell from the ceiling and startled Keyra who then stumbled back and set fire to a bookcase, before putting out the flame in her hand. The teacher was quick to put out that fire too, with another blast of ice. The teacher was far from amused her face twitching, “I can’t say I’m impressed.”

Varion began backing away and putting out his sphere of fire. “I would expect that, if you went through the hassle of learning such a spell, you would know how to do the bare minimum to control it. I expected greater things from a daughter of the high wizard, and I will inform your father immediately. Class dismissed” Varion and a small squad of other balls snickered at Keyra who didn’t appear particularly happy about the whole situation and quickly stormed out of the classroom.


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