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This story operates on a differnt canon. The prologue is a quick introduction to the canon and the characters, so not too much happens. Anyways with that out of the way, Here’s the story!

Our story beings long ago in the world of Laminia, the world was plagued by a great demon from the depths, a dimension of chaos, controlled by a great god. He and his warlocks unleashed the demon on the world, causing a great dark age that reduced entire kingdoms to ruins. With the help of many great warriors and wizards, they slew the great beast and captured the warlocks. As the dust settled and damage cataloged, the kingdoms wanted to make sure this could never happen again, some of the wizards that survived proposed an idea, an academy to teach people to use pure magic, instead of dark magic from the depths. After receiving permission, they created it in the void, the dimension where “pure” magic came from. Unfortunately for some, the school had the opposite effect as intended. Our story starts about one year after the founding of the school, people are beginning the trust the school, unfortunate for some.

(For a more in-depth description of the dimensions check here: The Lore)

Our first protagonist is Henry, son of the wealthy Marion Family. His family of traders wanted him to follow in their footsteps and begin making a name for himself, but with pressure, they eventually let him go to the academy with the promise that at the end of the year, he would have something to show for the “wasted time”

Our next protagonist Keyra has quite a different father. Unlike Henry Keyra’s father is none other than the High Wizard Reimond, the great hero of the Dark Ages. He taught Keyra through her life to be the great hero he was in his prime. Despite being one of the founders of the school, Keyra wasn’t sent to the school until he was sure that she would be able to “prove her bloodline.”

Our last protagonist and certainly the least is Issac, you see, unlike other protagonists, he had a unique condition. He lacked the ability to cast magic on his own, even though he applied to the academy, he failed the entry test immediately, failing to manifest the slightest bit of magic. Despite, this failure, he still wanted to become one of the great wizards that prevailed during the dark ages. One day, as he was wandering around the town, he met a strange cloaked man. He called out “Issac Rivers, you wish to become a wizard do you not? Take this staff, and you are sure to be accepted into that academy of yours.” Although he didn’t trust the man, he did desperately want magic, so he slowly walked up and grabbed the staff, after all, what could go wrong? Besides, it’s basically real magic, right?


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Bloodlines, Bloodlines. Ima kill her father. You should do what you want.

Poor Issac. Feel sorry for the lad.

Magic is Magic no matter where it comes from. . . Sometimes its not as safe.

Is this based off the Dark Ages when the fall of the Western Roman empire began?

no? I mean dark ages just kinda sounded cool and the world did kinda get wrecked by that demon

Oh, okay since the dark ages was when the world lost lots of stuff.

The world got bonked by the demons because everyone was watching inappropriate anime.

Change my mind.

I can’t say that world didn’t deserve it